Machine Gun Kelly tattoos half his body and returns with a new song

Machine Gun Kelly tattoos half his body and returns with a new song

For some time now, we’ve been talking about Machine Gun Kelly for his social outings, his relationship with Megan Fox and his note madness. More than for his music and artistic activity. The latest idea by Colson Baker, the singer and actor known for playing Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe in the biopic “The Dirt” and for his transition from rap to pop punk under the guidance of Travis Barker of Blink-182, was the one of clean up its social channels to then “reappear” and show his new tattoocompletely black, covering his entire chest and arms (and his previous tattoos).

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While the crime magazines covered his rapprochement with Fox, this move served .mgk (all lowercase, as he has now decided to sign his music on digital platforms) to present his new and introspective single.

The song, titled “dont let me go“, marks Machine Gun Kelly’s comeback after the gossip, and comes out two years after his latest studio album “Mainstream sellout” (read our review here), the singer’s second work after “Tickets to my downfall ” which saw him aiming to bring pop punk back into the mainstream. As already done for last year’s song “Pressure”, with the new single mgk returns to his rap roots to tell his story emotional journey inside and outside the music industry, for face your demons and put his on the table internal torments.

“dont let me go”, built on a simple lo-fi basiswith touches of piano and rhythmic loops, is therefore pervaded by a sense of melancholy. As the images of the video accompanying the single also suggest, Machine Gun Kelly’s intent is to speak to the listener with an open heart, whether they like it or not. If on the stages of his latest concerts, as seen at the Assago Forum in September 2022 (here is our story), he seemed to want to respond to the “success of those who are unpleasant” and to the criticisms by playing with everything that the media or the internet write about of him now mgk seems to drop his armsto try to accept oneself by focusing on introspection and self-sincerity.

“Lately, my thoughts eating me alive / Laid in the bed, thinkin’ maybe the hate’ll finally go away if I’m not alive / Wish I didn’t listen, just like I wish they would understand me one time / I had a breakdown and tatted my entire body except one line / Everything’s just fine”, confesses Machine Gun Kelly in the first verses of “dont let me go”. In the lyrics of his new singleshowing the more problematic and tormented character than himself, or his characterthe singer throws out all the difficulties that have pervaded its stabilitytalks about his family and relationship life – perhaps, however, thus also offering more new material to the media.

“Who am I when the music stops? / And the character that I been playin’ is really just broken and fuckin’ lost? / I swear, I’ve been tellin’ you over and over again in all of these songs / But they don’t hear nothin’ I’m writin’ ’cause they’re too busy tryna write me off”, reads a passage of the piece, in which shortly after mgk reveals: “Rehab patient, with a pen and some paper, this psychiatrist keeps evaluating / How can I live with the fact that my hand wasn’t on her stomach when we lost the baby?”. And again: “Constantly dreadin’ the day that the audience might not be screaming for me anymore / The feeling of dying alone and not leaving anything behind is my biggest fear / Kiss the person that I love as if I’m never coming back after I leave out the door”.

With the deletion of posts from his Instagram profile, a practice now widespread among artists about to announce new things, and a new tattoo, as already done before “Mainstream sellout” (before choosing the definitive title), even if this time he writes “for spiritual purposes only”, Machine Gun Kelly seems to leave no doubt that the time has come for him to start a new musical era.

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