Liam Gallagher and John Squire, a fairytale collaboration

Liam Gallagher and John Squire, a flash that illuminates two legends

Who would have thought a few years ago that Liam Gallagher would be able to rebuild his career so expertly? Remember the clumsy attempt to survive the breakup of Oasis with the Beady Eye project? If your memories are faded, don't worry: it's absolutely normal. Today, however, not only does he manage to stand on his own two feet, but he does it so well that he is credible both in nostalgia operations – on the one hand Knebworth 2022, but above all the upcoming tour for the thirty years of Definitely Maybe – as in new projects. This “joint album” with illustrious colleague John Squire is a delight for former Oasis fans, former Stone Roses fans, and fans of rock music in general.

Italy is also hosting one of the live performances of the album, simply titled “Liam Gallagher & John Squire”. A Fabrique in Milan was full as an egg despite the cost of the ticket and an announced duration of about an hour. «We will only do songs of this album”, announced Liam during the promotion of the tour. With a quick “euros per minute” calculation, this is one of the most expensive concerts of the season.
The buzz is notable: fewer Oasis and Stone Roses t-shirts than expected, but many feature the album's irresistible artwork, by Kerwin Blackburn and vaguely inspired by Andy Warhol. Looted merchandise, therefore, but also an electric charge that cannot help but please the musicians as they enter the stage, Liam in particular.

Milan is the last of a dozen dates on the tour, of which only four are outside the islands. For this reason, the Milanese club is also besieged by fans of all languages ​​and backgrounds, creating an explosive melting pot. «It's never boring here in Milan», the “Biblical” states amusedly, while John Squire's composure and his dedication to the guitar make it clear how serious the matter is. It is not a parallel project created to escape atrophy, but rather a chapter of undoubted value in the careers of two icons of British music. In fact, it is not surprising the delirium with which the audience welcomes “Just Another Rainbow”, the psychedelic favor of the album which in recent months has settled in the amygdala of the fans and now re-emerges as if it were a timeless classic.

The one between Liam and John is a perfect fit, which confirms the excellent sensations of listening with headphones live. It all works so well that I think that perhaps this new musical guise would have also deserved a new name. A new band, with all the trappings, more than a simple collaboration. Because John is the pen that Liam lacks, Liam is the interpreter that John lacks and together they have exceptional chemistry. The mystical aura of a guitar hero that surrounds Sir Squire also manages to dampen the catalytic effect of Liam, who shares the spotlight with great pleasure and seems to enjoy every second of the stage as perhaps he hasn't happened for some time.

The repertoire of the “RNR STAR” is all there: hands behind the back, parka, castanets, tambourine, continuous pit stops to whisper who knows what directions to the sound engineer – although this time there was really nothing to write down. But there is something new and we find it above all in songs like “I'm a wheel” and “Love you forever”, where Liam plays the bluesman and does it extremely well. John, for his part, thinks about his dazzling solos and his new mission as a pure rocker. However, it would be a crime not to also give credit to the rest of the combo, with Joey Waronker on drums – and fans of REM, Beck or Atoms for Peace will probably remember him – and two aficionados of Liam's team, namely bassist Barrie Cadogan and keyboardist Chris Madden.

If on the one hand every single thing Liam has done in the last decade seems like a very long chase towards his only true desire, that of being the frontman of Oasis once again, this project as derivative as it is pure and effective instead seems like the first move totally genuine from those who live for music. So if these are the results, welcome more blues, a second album, a new tour. And if there isn't a sequel, at least we will remember all this as a new flash that illuminated two legendary careers.

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Just Another Rainbow
One Day at a Time
I'm a Wheel
Love You Forever
Make It Up as You Go Along
You're Not the Only One
I'm So Bored
Mars to Liverpool
Mother Nature's Song
Raise Your Hands

BIS #1

Jumpin' Jack Flash – Cover by The Rolling Stones