Rascals: "It's Wonderful" box set released

Rascals: “It's Wonderful” box set released

The entire production of the band will be released on May 31st Rascals with Atlantic Records, from 1965 to 1971, entitled “The Rascals: It's Wonderful: The Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings”. The 7-CD box includes 152 remastered songs with 14 previously unreleased tracks. The first four albums are presented in both stereo and mono, along with singles and foreign language versions (including Italian). The box set includes a 60-page booklet with detailed notes and rare illustrations provided by the archives of Rascals.

The publication's press release reports: “In the mid-1960s, the Rascals blended the best of rock and soul and remain one of the most beloved groups of that era.

The electrifying quartet of Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli defined the term 'blue-eyed soul'. As their successes increased, the group broadened their musical horizons and revealed great singing prowess with “Groovin'” (one of the group's three No. 1 singles) and “How Can I Be Sure.” “It's Wonderful” is the definitive compendium of the group's first five years, from 1965 to 1971, and traces their growth from New York club band to international superstars. Compiled and remastered by Alec Palao. A nearly 10,000-word essay by Richie Unterberger provides an in-depth account of their career and is supplemented by an extensive chronology of recording sessions and numerous illustrations from the Rascals' archives. All contained in a box designed by Steve Stanley.” .



1. Slow Down

2. Baby Let's Wait

3. Just A Little

4. I Believe

5. Do You Feel It

6. Good Lovin'

7. Like A Rolling Stone

8. Mustang Sally

9. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

10. In The Midnight Hour

11. Slow Down

12. Baby Let's Wait

13. Just A Little

14. I Believe

15. Do You Feel It

16. Good Lovin'

17. Like A Rolling Stone

18. Mustang Sally

19. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

20. In The Midnight Hour

21. Mustang Sally (unedited version – previously unissued)


1. What Is The Reason

2. Since I Fell For You

3. Lonely Too Long

4. No Love To Give

5. Mickey's Monkey/Love Lights

6. Come On Up

7. Too Many Fish In The Sea

8. Blackberries

9. Nineteen Fifty-Six

10. Love Is A Beautiful Thing

11. Land Of 1000 Dances

12 What Is The Reason

13. Since I Fell For You

14. Lonely Too Long

15. No Love To Give

16. Mickey's Monkey/Love Lights

17. Come On Up

18. Too Many Fish In The Sea

19. More

20. Nineteen Fifty-Six

21. Love Is A Beautiful Thing

22. Land Of 1000 Dances

23. Good Lovin' (alternate version – previously unissued)

24. Marryin' Kind Of Love (previously unissued)

25. Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me (early version – previously unissued)

26. I've Been Lonely Too Long (mono single edit)


1. A Girl Like You

2. Find Somebody

3. I'm So Happy Now

4. Sueño

5. How Can I Be Sure

6. Groovin'

7. If You Knew

8. I Don't Love You Anymore

9. You Better Run

10. A Place In The Sun

11. It's Love

12. A Girl Like You

13. Find Somebody

14. I'm So Happy Now

15. Sueño

16. How Can I Be Sure

17. Groovin'

18. If You Knew

19. I Don't Love You Anymore

20. You Better Run

21. A Place In The Sun

22. It's Love

23. I'm So Happy Now (underdub – previously unissued)

24. I Don't Love You Anymore (alternate take – previously unissued)

25. If You Knew (rehearsal – previously unissued)


1. Intro-Easy Rollin'

2. Rainy Day

3. Please Love Me

4. Sound Effect

5. It's Wonderful

6. I'm Gonna Love You

7. Dave And Eddie

8. My Hawaii

9. My World

10. Silly Girl

11. Singin' The Blues Too Long

12. Bells

13. Sattva

14. Finale: Once Upon A Dream

15. Intro-Easy Rollin'

16. Rainy Day

17. Please Love Me

18. Sound Effect

19. It's Wonderful

20. I'm Gonna Love You

21. Dave And Eddie

22. My Hawaii

23. My World

24. Silly Girl

25. Singin' The Blues Too Long

26. Bells

27. Sattva

28. Finale: Once Upon A Dream

29. It's Wonderful (mono single mix)


1. America The Beautiful

2. Me And My Friends

3. Any Dance'll Do

4. Look Around

5. Ray Of Hope

6. Island Of Love

7. Of Course

8. Love Was So Easy To Give

9. People Got To Be Free

10. Baby I'm Blue


12. Adrian's Birthday

13. Boom

14. Cute

15. A Beautiful Morning

16. Let Freedom Ring (previously unissued)

17. My Love For You (previously unissued)

18. Share Your Love With Me (previously unissued)


1. See

2. I'd Like To Take You Home

3. Remember Me

4. I'm Blue

5. Stop And Think

6. Temptation's 'Bout To Get Me

7. Nubia

8. Carry Me Back

9. Away Away

10. Real Thing

11. Death's Reply

12. Hold On

13. See (single edit)

14. Hold On (mono single)

15. Nubia (alternate version – previously unissued)

16. You Gotta Try aka Hold On (previously unissued)


1. Right Hon

2. I Believe

3. Thank You Baby

4. You Don't Know

5. Nama

6. Almost Home

7. The Letter

8. Ready For Love

9. Fortunes

10. Glory Glory

11. Hey Bo (previously unissued)

12. Silver Dollar Lady (previously unissued)

13. Groovin' (Italian language version)

14. Groovin' (Spanish language version)

15. Groovin' (French language version)

16. You will feel the rain

17. Run Into the Sun