Lady Gaga still knows how to amaze

Lady Gaga still knows how to amaze

The bombshell announcement came at the end of “Gaga Chromatica Ball”, whose premiere took place last Thursday in Los Angeles, two days before the release of the concert film of the show at Dodger Stadium in the Californian city in September 2022, which debuted on HBO last Saturday. Three characters: “LG7”. That is: Lady Gaga 7. Seven like the number that will be represented in her discography by the new album, now imminent. Thus Stefani Germanotta confirmed to fans that she is practically ready to inaugurate a new chapter in her career. Transformer by vocationcapable of playing with her own image like few other artists of her generation have been able to do, Gaga promises new twists and turns of theatre:

she is the only one of her generation who still knows how to amaze and create gigantic hype around her new projects.

On the red carpet at the premiere of the film – which will soon be streaming in Italy too: the release date has not yet been revealed – the American pop star she showed up wearing a “mechanical” dress signed by the Selva brand, as in the days of the breathtaking looks of the era of “The fame” and “Born this way”, before the “sober” turning point of “Joanne”. “On the red carpet I told reporters that I was a piece of a machine. They asked me what kind and I said I don't know because I'm not a mechanic”, the singer-songwriter wrote on X – formerly Twitter. Which then she wanted to share a short story with her fans poetrya kind of prologue to the new era of his career: “I found a way back into myself again, with different tones and metals I could bend – Gaga wrote, with the usual emphasis that characterizes her communication style – I hope you will love me this way for who I am: not then, but today”.

2024 will also and above all be his year. On the one hand the return to the cinema with “Joker 2: Folie à Deux”, the long-awaited sequel to the 2019 blockbuster film starring Joaquin Phoenix as the Batman villain: “My version of Harley is all my own and is very authentic. It will all be completely new and really fun.”Gaga anticipated regarding “her” Harley Quinn, the Joker's girlfriend, as if to clear the field of any possible comparisons with the interpretation of Margot Robbie, who stepped into the shoes of the fascinating character in “Suicide Squad ”.

After “A star is born” – and the half-dozen “House of Gucci” was archived, for which he found himself winning only minor awards -.Stefani Germanotta returns to dream of the Oscar, five years after the 2019 triumph with “Shallow”. “Joker 2: Folie à Deux, directed by Todd Phillips, in theaters from 2nd Octoberwill be a musical that will contain at least fifteen ultra-popular songs. On the other the new album, precisely. Gaga hasn't released one in exactly four years: “Chromatica” was released on May 29, 2020, in full lockdown.

In these forty-eight, very long months the multifaceted New York artist has certainly not remained idle: between “Chromatica” and the album that is about to be released there have been “Love for sale” with Tony Bennett (ideal successor to “Cheek to cheek” of 2014), the reissue of “Born this way” for the tenth anniversary, the remix of “Chromatica”, the single “Hold my hand” (from the “Top Gun” sequel soundtrack), the duet with the Rolling Stones – and Stevie Wonder – on “Sweet sounds of heaven”.

Of LG7, which still has neither a title nor a release date, the pop star has offered various previews in recent months. “.It won't be a rock album”, she wrote half-jokingly a few weeks ago, sharing a photo of herself with an electric guitar in her arms, struggling with a very rock'n'roll session in her home studio. “I've been working on some new music. Since last summer I have been experimenting with my creativity in a very special and private way: I have been writing and producing music for a special project,” he told fans in March, on his 38th birthday.

New previews have arrived directly from the red carpet of “Gaga Chromatica Ball”: “I wrote many songs, I produced many songs. Let's say it's something I've never done before. I love exploring music and experimenting with different genres. This industry can isolate you, but I never feel alone thanks to my fans”. What will she have invented this time, after having ranging from pop to dance, from country to jazz, also indulging in some interesting forays into rock (“You and I”, with Brian May on electric guitar, remains one of the most beautiful things in his repertoire), we will find out shortly, or rather, very shortly.