Tommaso Paradiso: his first live album is released

Tommaso Paradiso: his first live album is released

For next June 28th Tommaso Paradiso has announced the release of his first live album. The album, which will be entitled “Tommaso Paradiso in concert”, will include nineteen songs recorded during the arena tour undertaken by the Roman singer-songwriter in 2023. In addition to digital, the album will also be available on vinyl in an autographed version.

Last year's tour started from the hometown of the former Thegiornalisti and stopped in various cities in Italy in support of his latest album “Sensazione stupenda” (here is our review). The series of dates saw Tommaso Paradiso reunite on stage with Marco Rissa, his former partner in the “Completamente” band four years after the dissolution of Thegiornalisti, which also included the drummer Marco Primavera. “It's a live show that I've been aiming for for some time, also super structured and important. We've made ten thousand setlists: it's difficult to choose between so many songs now. I'll obviously start with Thegiornalisti with songs from 'Vol. 1' and we'll do the whole journey, plus songs from the new album”, Rockol had said in an interview about the tour in the arenas in support of “Sensazione stupenda”.

In addition to Rissa, on stage with Paradiso were Matteo Cantaluppi – also producer of the latest album – (keyboards and computer programming), Nicola Pomponi (guitar, harmonica), Gianmarco Dottori (acoustic guitar), Silvia Ottanà (bass), Daniel Fasano (drums), Marco Scipione (saxophone), Angelo Trabace (piano), Frances Alina Ascione (backing vocals) and Roberta Montanari (backing vocals).

Starting from June 30th, the singer-songwriter will be engaged in a series of live dates for the “Tommy Summer Tour” summer tour.

Here is the tracklist and cover of “Tommaso Paradiso in concert”:

  • Intro
  • Superb sensation
  • Journey Around the Sun
  • End of the summer
  • Zero Stay calm
  • New York
  • Lyn
  • Lupine
  • Between the Road and the Stars
  • Sold Out
  • The Moon and the Cat
  • Overwhelming Ice Blue
  • Every night
  • Our Years
  • This Stupid Love Song of Ours
  • Do not be afraid
  • Riccione
  • Happiness Whore
  • Completely