Imagine Dragons usher in a new era with "Eyes Closed"

Imagine Dragons usher in a new era with “Eyes Closed”

Two years after the publication of “Mercury – Act 2” (here is our review), the second chapter of the project that began in 2021, and after several posts and cryptic clues shared in recent weeks with the public, Imagine Dragons officially inaugurate the They new eraas the band teased.

The group led by Dan Reynolds has in fact published today, April 3, the new single “Eyes closed”which preludes the next recording project of the Nevada formation. The song is accompanied by a video directed by Andrew Donoho and featured below.

Imagine Dragons in the new song remain true to their trademarkcombining elements of alternative, rap, electronic and rock, embellished with synths and strident strings.

Speaking of “Eyes closed”, the frontman commented in a statement:

“After taking some time for myself and spending it with my family and the people I love, I felt the strong desire to return to the musical sounds that have given me the most joy since the beginning, but creating new music with a new approach and a new mentality. After being a band for over 10 years, the world seems very different now. But some things will always remain the same. Finding the right balance between nostalgia and freshness is what makes me happiest in the studio. We had fun making this single and I hope the public appreciates it.”

The single follows last summer's song, “Children of the sky (a starfield song)”, inspired by the sci-fi video game “Starfield™”, and – as always promised in a note – it is only the first taste of new music to be released this year.

Imagine Dragons began to attract fans' attention to the idea of ​​new things coming on March 10, by cleaning up their Instagram profile and then sharing a video with puzzles and hidden codes. The clip was then followed by other videos and images, with the band piquing the fans' curiosity with some messages, such as “soon” (“soon”) and “begin” (“let's start”).

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