Gigi D'Agostino, a new life: “A single in March”

Gigi D'Ag celebrates 25 years of “Another way” with a new single

Returning to the scene recently on the occasion of Sanremo 2024 after a long absence due to illness, Gigi D'Agostino announced the release of a new single.

The song, arriving April 5th on the Time Records label, in collaboration with Virgin/Universal on the international market, it is entitled “Shadows of the night” and sees the DJ originally from Turin collaborate with the duo formed by Daniele Spada and Francesco Chinelli, i Boostedkids.

“The project is born from the desire for strong emotional tensionsfrom the curiosity and desire to go further with the harmonies and hear what's beyond” , declared Gigi D'Ag in a press release:

“In this case we thought of reworking my 1999 song 'Another way' which turns 25 this year. We have maintained the original instrumental section by creating and embroidering, all around, a new part, giving life to a new point of view as well as a further point of listening and dancing”.

The next June 21 Gigi D'agostino will then be behind the console for a set at Fiera Milano Live.