Ian Anderson, the box set "8314 Boxed" is out

Ian Anderson, the box set “8314 Boxed” is out

Madfish label has revealed details of “8314 Boxed”a limited edition deluxe box set tribute to the solo works of the frontman of Jethro Tull Ian Anderson which is scheduled for release on August 23. Below is what you will find in the box set.

– Exclusive first vinyl edition of “Divinities: Twelve Dances With God”, “The Secret Language Of Birds” (2LP) and “Rupi’s Dance” (2LP)

– “Walk Into Light”, “Divinity: Twelve Dances With God” and “Homo Erraticus” remastered

– The LP “Roaming In The Gloaming” with unreleased live recordings from 1995-2007

– A 96-page book with a foreword by Ian Anderson, liner notes by Paul Sexton and exclusive images

These are the ten LPs of “8314 Boxed”:

– “Walk Into Light” (1983) – half speed remaster

– “Divinity: Twelve Dances With God” (1995) first time on vinyl, remastered at reduced speed

– “The Secret Language Of Birds” (2LP) (2000), first time on vinyl

– “Rupi’s Dance” (2LP) (2003), first time on vinyl

– “Thick As A Brick 2” (2LP) (2012)

– “Homo Erraticus” (2014) — half-speed remaster

– “Roaming In The Gloaming” (unreleased live performances from 1995 to 2007)

The first musical experience that struck

Ian Anderson
It dates back to when he was only six years old, listening to an old family 78 rpm record
Glenn Miller
and his Orchestra of 1939,
“In The Mood”
. He told Prog magazine: “My father had some precious wartime records, mostly big band stuff. I remember having an epiphany, because ‘In The Mood’ introduces you to the elements of the blues, in a very effective way. That was the first moment when I thought: ‘Hmm, this music is something special.'”

“8314 Boxed”
the leader of the
Jethro Tull
he instead stated: “Since 1983, I have made a few solo albums, not out of dissatisfaction with fellow musicians or the identity of the group, but just to try something a little different, whether sonically, stylistically or in terms of instrumental line-up. These records stand out to me because they are quite different from each other and somehow demonstrate a broader depth of my songwriting. The instrumental flute record “Divinity” is one of my favorites to this day.”