Usher's explosive Super Bowl show

Here’s how much Usher (didn’t) earn at the Super Bowl

Did you know that the artists who perform in the Super Bowl halftime show, the halftime show of the championship of the National Football League (the American professional football league), one of the most followed and commented media events in the United States, do not perceive a fee? The event is seen and conceived by the organizers as a promotional space through which musicians can promote their new projects: you perform practically for free, but you have visibility and exposure that you otherwise wouldn’t have (which is why the halftime show remains a passage that appeals to the managers of music stars).

This explains the fact that .Usher, who was entrusted with the prestigious slot this year, was paid just 671 dollars, i.e. 622 euros: a symbolic sum in the form of expense reimbursement.

But the rapper, who released his new album “Coming home” shortly after his performance at the Super Bowl, his first in eight years, according to estimates, thanks to his time on stage at the event last Sunday, will earn the beauty of 100 million dollars, including royalties deriving from the reproduction of his hits on streaming platforms and sales.

The 2024 edition of the Super Bowl was watched by 123.4 million viewers in the United States: a record in the history of the event. As underlined by CNN, this is the highest figure for a television event in fifty-four years, second only to the broadcast of the 1969 moon landing, which kept a total of viewers glued in front of the screen between 125 and 150 million viewers according to estimates.