Gianluca Grignani interrupts the concert: "It's okay..."

Gianluca Grignani interrupts the concert: “It's okay…”

The debut in Novara of Gianluca Grignani's new tour, “Residui di rock'n'roll”, is unscheduled.

The singer-songwriter of “Destinazione cielo”, “La mia storia tra le dita” and “L'aiuola” was performing last night on the stage of the Phenomenon, a club in the Novara area, when at a certain point he became the protagonist of a spat with the members of the band after almost an hour of show, complaining of technical problems. Left alone on stage, Grignani blurted out: “It doesn't fucking work.” “The guitar doesn't work. That other guy does what he wants. Everyone does whatever the fuck they want and then I find myself in trouble. I'm not joking, but I want to understand this. I'm forced to end the concert here” , he said, before leaving the stage. Grignani then returned, singing some of his hits a cappella. Here is the video:.