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Geolier at the University of Naples, Nicola Gratteri polemical

The chief prosecutor of Naples Nicola Gratteri, a magistrate historically involved in the fight against organized crime and in raising young people's awareness of legality, expressed himself in critical terms towards the meeting – scheduled for March 26th – between Geolier and the students of the Federico II University, in the Campania capital.

As reported by Repubblica, Gratteri – during the presentation of his book “Il grifone” at the IC Sogliano, also in Naples – declared:

“These things (the meeting between Geolier and the students, ed.) leave you speechless, if he leaves the university we'll be at the end. I don't even want to know who the singer is, if it comes to this you also have to question who organized and what the university course has become, if you don't have the sensitivity that you should only bring excellence, models of life to university for the education of young people, even illiterate ones, who have established themselves in life as a positive model starting from zero, from below zero (…) these things must not pass as fresh water, we must contest and protest in the appropriate ways, we must not get used to it to this barbarization, low-cost culture must not be accepted, the university is a place of training and of cultural and educational refinement. Let's not sell out more than we have sold out.”

Obviously, the rector of the university, Professor Matteo Lorito, has a different opinion:

“We invite Geolier to the university so that he can compare himself with many young people like him. We bring him into our classrooms so that he can meet and compare himself with many young people like him and tell his stories to them without filters. This is the function of a university, certainly not that of putting on a show (…) It is difficult to do things that are different from the usual exams, lessons and research without sparking controversy. But we willingly accept, as always, those who express dissent.”

The mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, also spoke on the topic, addressing Geolier directly and declaring:

“We are pleased to thank you and give you a task: to send a positive message with your music, your language and your ability to speak to the many young people, not only of our city and our region, but of the entire country ”