Fabri Fibra surprise releases a new song

Fabri Fibra surprise releases a new song

It arrives by surprise on social media Fabri Fibra the announcement that no one expected.

“In Italia 2024” will be available from Friday 23 February, a new version of “In Italia”, a single released in 2008, as the only extract from the re-release of the CD “Liar” in featuring with Gianna Nannini.

What is missing in the posts on social media is precisely this: the information of those who will accompany him in this “Italy 2024”

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Says Fabri Fibra.

“In Italia 2024” is the demonstration of how a song, 17 years after its publication, can still have something to say enough to be able to make its own way and make everyone feel the need to be reborn in a new version, with new voices and new rhymes

The original song was produced by Big Fish.