Emma, ​​the "Femme fatale": one, none, one hundred thousand

Emma, ​​the “Femme fatale”: one, none, one hundred thousand

The one that duets with Tony Effe on “Taxi sulla luna”, the one that Fabri Fibra enlists together with Baby Gang for a new version of the iconic “In Italia”, the most rock'n'roll version of the club tour, the one of heartbreaking ballads like “Interval”: one, none, one hundred thousand Emma. Don't try to force yourself to find a thread that ties everything together, because musically it isn't there. It is only there in the intention: that of displacefor better or for worse.

After all, with a fifteen-year career behind him he still has nothing to prove: he might as well try to have fun in the post-recording era, where marathons don't count, only the hundred meters count. Scattering the cards. .The Salento pop star has reached a point in her journey where she now does what she wants, whether she likes it or not, not caring about expectations and judgments. If it wasn't clear at the last Sanremo Festival, where she presented herself with an ultradance piece like “Apnea”, an updated and correct version of 80s Italian pop, taken into the future, perhaps it will be more clear listening to this new single, “Femme fatale”.

The song starts as one ballad 3.0 (“I think of you in a slightly bohemian café / while the sun cuts itself in a checkered pattern between the grates”), then grows on a pounding beat, taking a long journey that leads it to arrive at the revival of the 2000s in the atmospheres and suggestions (“We loved each other secretly / I know that a monster created me / deep red skies / and this fever even in August”). And at that point Emma he runs away, unstoppable, dribbling every label, dodging every definition: it's not pop, it's not dance, it's not rap, it's not urban, but it's all these things put together.

Behind the single there is the hand of Jvli (real name Julien Boverod, Aosta Valley producer born in 1998, already alongside Olly, whom Emma had also enlisted for “Apnea”) and that of Starchild (real name Simone Capurro, Neapolitan, 22 years old, who studied in Daddy's Groove, the Neapolitan group formed by DJs Carlo Grieco and Peppe Folliero, who in recent years have remixed the hits of Lady Gaga, David Guerra and Martin Garrix), who they signed the piece together with Jacopo Ettorre (born in 1990, among the hits written by him there are “Tribale” and “Ok.

Respira” by Elodie and “Furore” by Paola & Chiara, about revivals of the 2000s), three hitmakers of the newest generation who know the language of current pop. And they know how to handle it: .if it is already time for qualifications in view of the catchphrase race of summer 2024, with “Femme fatale” Emma places herself in the starting blocks.

“Femme fatale” will be the song that will accompany the fans of the Salento pop star towards the arenas where the tour summer tour which will start on June 13th from Moncalieri, in the province of Turin, and will continue until late August, touring Italy's beaches and squares, as in a very personal Festivalbar. Then in November it will be the turn of the rreturn of the sports halls five years after the last time: on November 11th Emma will be at the Forum in Assago, on the 14th at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome, on the 17th at the PalaFlorio in Bari.