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Great Britain: these are the best-selling vinyls of the 21st century

According to data reported in a report by Official Charts Company (the organization that draws up the official music charts in Great Britain), Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Oasis and Queen are the artists who released the best-selling vinyl albums of the 21st century, released in Great Britain between 1970 and 1999.

Leading this ranking is “Rumours” (read the review here) of the Fleetwood Mac which surpasses “The Dark Side Of The Moon” (read the review here) of the Pink Floyd in second position. The third step of the podium goes to “Nevermind” (read the review here) of the NirvanaThen “(What's The Story) Morning Glory” of the Oasis and, in fifth place, “Greatest hits” of the Queen.

Below, to complete the Top Ten best sellers, it is in sixth place “Legend” Of Bob Marleyin seventh position “The Stone Roses” of the Stone Roseseighth still Oasis with “Definitely maybe”. Ninth is David Bowie“The rise andfailof Ziggy Stardust” (read the review here) and tenths again i Nirvana with “Unplugged in New York”. By clicking here you can view the complete ranking up to fortieth position.

To give an order of magnitude, “Rumours” it has sold nearly 280 in the UK this millennium.

000 copies. Again according to data from .Official Charts CompanyBritain recently had its biggest week for vinyl sales in thirty years, that of Record Store Day which drove the sale of 269,134 vinyl albums and 37,656 vinyl singles, for a total of 306,791 units.