Daft Punk have unreleased material for a possible new album

Daft Punk have unreleased material for a possible new album

The percussionist and drummer Quinnone of the collaborators of Daft Punk during the sessions of “Random Access Memories”, the latest album by the French duo (Read the review), confirmed the existence of a large amount of previously unreleased studio material that would serve as a follow-up album to their 2013 effort.

Quinn, who played percussion on most of the tracks on “RAM and also the drums, he spoke about his experience in the studio with Daft Punk in a recent video interview with the “alt.news 26:46” program of an American online television run by students. “For RAM” , I was pretty much the last person on the record,” he said. “For the next record that Daft Punk was working on, I was the very first person.”

And so Quinn had the unique experience of being able to watch Daft Punk in some of their early writing and recording stages. “Thomas Bangalter he had this keyboard, he actually had a computer program, and he was just experimenting,” he explained. “He was just hitting things trying to get the vibes across. I was in the studio, I started with my weird drums… Whatever I If he said it, I would answer and try to invent something.”

Quinn added that the collaborating guitarist Of “RAM”Paul Jackson Jr. he came to the studio to record some guitar parts for the new album and they then added some horn instruments. “That nameless record, I think it’s going to have a lot of spontaneous stuff in it,” the percussionist added. “I remember playing this rhythm keyboard of mine and also the inside of a piano, I put the kick pedal on the strings and the I played like a bass drum. I remember the guys really loving it. I don’t know if it’ll make the record. It was the craziest, weirdest-sounding stuff.”

As for the status of Daft Punk’s “suspended” album, all hypotheses are open: “I’ll keep checking. They told me they are working on it. Maybe it’s coming out of the drawer.”

Last April, Bangalter (one of the two members of the French band) released a solo orchestral album called “Mythologies,” and the following month, Daft Punk released a 10th anniversary reissue of “RAM” that included nine previously unreleased songs.

However, the band members seem happy to have ended the Daft Punk era: “When we started I was 18, and when we finished Daft Punk I was 46,” Bangalter said in an August 2023 interview “I’m relieved and happy to look back and say ‘OK, we didn’t mess up too much.'”