Bresh: the long folk tale of “Love Trouble”

Bresh: the long folk tale of “Love Trouble”

There are songs that have a truly popular dimension more than others. They are the ones that are whistled in queues, sung in the streets, squares, stadiums and have the ability to rise like a wave from the sea and become even bigger than whoever composed them. “Guasto d’amore”, song written by Genoese rapper and singer-songwriter Breshbefore being published officially on the platforms digital from Friday 27 January 2023, it went from being a vent song written at sunset to turning into a stadium choir complete with choreography, to the point of being one of the most representative and requested pieces at the artist’s live performances. The publication on the platforms arrived precisely as a consequence of this success, which is why “Guasto d’amore” has something different and magical compared to Bresh’s other songs. And she also landed at Sanremo Festival 2024Bresh was a guest on the ship’s stage.

A fairy tale

“Love Trouble” is a fairy tale. The tale of a song without expectations, outside the logic of the marketoutside of records, outside of streams and numbers, which it has become with its own efforts popular heritage. Yes, because when a piece represents the heart of the choreography at the stadium of the first football team born in Italy, Genoa, with thousands of people singing it, it’s as if history is being pinched. The song, in the studio version produced by Shunetells the artist’s passion for his favorite team and, more generally, it is a universal love letter to his city, Genoa, to its colours, to alleys, friends and women who traveled a piece of the road with him, to the sea always present in Bresh’s life.

He managed to do, in his own small way, what he did De Andrécalling himself too in love and “involved” to do it, he failed to accomplish: write a modern Genoa anthem in which an entire generation can see themselves again. Although in reality the piece, performed in all of Bresh’s live shows around Italy, often accompanied by smoke bombs, he then managed to conquer everyoneregardless of the team you belong to and the typhus.

The feat with Mattia Perin

“Love Failure” has a long story. Bresh publishes the first version in 2021 on social media. He wrote it during the pandemic when the championship was blocked due to Covid. He is encouraged to publish from his friend and colleague Vaz Tè because at first he is not convinced that he wants to do it, having only a film with a bare and simple version in his hands. But that is precisely his strength. In the video, uploaded to Instagram, Bresh can be seen on the seashoreaccompanied by his guitarist friend Luca Caro, who sings a tune and lets the words travel freely as the sun goes down. It is a painful love letter to Genoa, a team that has always been romantically painful, and to life in general. The video goes viral in a few days (today counts hundreds of thousands of views on Instagram). The then Genoa captain Mattia Perin fell in love with him: a short time later he invites Bresh to his home, in the Genoese neighborhood of Albaro, and they play it together, making a small amateur video, which also went viral: Perin on piano, Bresh on vocals. The song swells more and more.

Choreography at the stadium

People start singing it at stadiums and concerts, fans clamor for it, national football media talk about it, videos on YouTube garner tens of thousands of views, all without an official release of the song. Meanwhile the piece refines itself over time, becomes more structured and Bresh adds new verses. At the end of the Serie A football championship 2022 a great little miracle happens: the North Steps of Genoadespite the team’s relegation to Serie B, during the match against Bologna, dedicates his own choreography to the songcomplete with a reproduction of a red and blue sunset.

Bresh is also at the stadium that day, accompanied by Iziwho is called to the center of the North to launch the choir together with the ultras of the 5r group. She takes the microphone and everyone starts singing “Guasto d’amore” exorcising the pain and disappointment of the relegation. A chilling scene. The song then enters by right, once again, in concert lineups summer and winter seasons of 2022-2023 until the official publication on January 27, 2023. There are those who write that “Guasto d’amore”, thanks to the platforms, has truly become everyone’s property. But that’s not true, it already wasit was and is of all those who are “If they had never lost, they wouldn’t know what the challenge is”.