CCCP a return, “More than new new”

Boos and middle fingers: what happened at the CCCP concert in Berlin

Boos and middle fingers. The first of three CCCP concerts in Berlin last night was memorable in its own way.

The 1,500 spectators who filled the Astra Kulturhaus in the German capital – the show was sold out, as were the other two, scheduled for tonight and tomorrow – welcomed the arrival on stage of the journalist Andrea Scanzi, wanted by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and partners at the event for a monologue on the history of the iconic band. Scanzi had already participated in CCCP’s “Gran Gala Punkettone” at the Teatro Municipale Valli in Reggio Emilia in October, the show that marked the return of the band – reunited – on stage. The videos of the protest were shared on social media by BerlinMagazine, but Scanzi himself published a clip on his Instagram stories commenting on what happened: “A beautiful forest of boos, it was wonderful. I felt punk like no one else, I was booed like CCCP when they went to Arezzo Wave”. During the protest Ferretti did not fail to give the audience the middle finger. “You don’t like people who don’t think like you,” thundered the group’s frontman. .

The announcement of the tour which will see the reunited CCCP tour the whole of Italy next summer is expected soon. Meanwhile, the band has just sent a new live album to stores with the 1983 recordings: it’s called “Altro che Nuovo Nuovo” and it also contains three unreleased songs.