Pete Doherty: "I was healthier when I did heroin"

Pete Doherty: “I was healthier when I did heroin”

“I’m a bit of a glutton. It’s not a joke. I’ve been diagnosed with rat 2 diabetes. And at the moment I lack the discipline to fight cholesterol”: speaking is the “new” Pete Doherty, the one who has been has completely cleaned himself up and lives – he said so – eating Comté cheese (“I like to put it on toast”), in the north of France with his wife Katia deVidas and their daughter Billie-May (his partner last year directed the documentary “Pete rDoherty: Stranger in my own skin”, in which the musician recounted his battle with addiction).

In an interview with the Guardian, Doherty spoke about how his life has changed since he stopped taking drugs – in 2019 – and explained the pros and cons of this new life, between diabetes and cholesterol: “.I gave up the main poisons and my health improved. But then they tell you that alcohol, cheese and sugar are just as bad and that you were healthier when you took heroin”, joked the Libertines frontman.