Another plagiarism accusation for Kanye West

Kanye West in Bologna: the videos (and the album disappears from AppleMusic)

Two days after last Thursday’s show at the Assago Forum in Milan, last night Kanye West showed up at the UnipolArena in Bologna for the second of the two “listening parties” announced to present the new album “Vultures 1”, together with Ty Dolla $ign. The Bolognese show was a replica of the one in Milan: the rapper who sold 150 million copies over the course of his career presented himself in the center of the parterre of the Bolognese arena together with his colleague, he didn’t sing, he didn’t speak, but yes he is limited only to cheering on the audience sitting in the stands of the UnipolArena while the tracks of “Vultures 1” were played in the background.

8 thousand, according to data from local newspapers, participated in the “listening party”, whose tickets were on sale at a price that started from a minimum of 138 euros and reached a maximum of 184 euros, depending on the seat on the seats. stands. Here are the videos of the evening:.

And meanwhile there are new problems on the streaming platforms for the album “Vultures 1”. The album disappeared from Apple Music again: it had already happened immediately after its release, due to copyright infringement problems. The reason why the disk was removed this time was not disclosed. Despite problems related to digital distribution, “Vultures 1” generated revenue exceeding $1 million in the first week of release in the United States alone.