Billy Joel releases single "Turn the Lights Back On"

Billy Joel releases single “Turn the Lights Back On”

Billy Joel released the single today “Turn the Lights Back On”is his first song since 2007.

There is a backstory to report on the song. That is, the 74-year-old New York singer after writing it together with FreddyWexler he didn’t want to sing it. Wexler himself told it during an interview on WBLM-FM, reporting what he told him Billy Joel: “We should send it to Adele.” “I was absolutely determined not to sing it,” Joel explained. “My agenda was: I don’t care what you do, I won’t do it.”

Freddy Wexler he had no doubt that if he had sung the song Adele it would have been incredible, but he was also convinced that

“Turn the Lights Back On” should sing it Billy Joel. Everything had to convince him and it wouldn’t be easy. “Do you want me to sing it?” Joel asked Wexler, the producer was adamant: “Dude, you need to get in that booth.”

Billy Joel he reluctantly accepted, but was pleasantly surprised when he heard his first version of the song. “I sang it, went back to the control room and listened to it again. Usually when I recorded, if I listened back to my performance I would hate my voice. So the first thought I would have was, ‘Oh my God, Billy Joel sings it. I don’t want to hear it.’ I listened to it again and didn’t hate it. This was perhaps one of the first times this happened to me. ‘It’s actually not bad. I don’t hate the singer.’ For me it was a complete turning point.”