Allevi in ​​Sanremo: “I will play a song written during his illness”

Allevi in ​​Sanremo after the illness: the monologue and the performance

Giovanni Allevi took the stage at the Ariston on Wednesday 7 February as a guest of the Sanremo Festival. The pianist, who recently had to battle myeloma, returned to playing after two years and promised “rebirth”. He spoke and played a song: below you can review the monologue and the musical moment. In the last few hours he has shared some Instagram stories to announce his arrival in the City of Flowers. And then before performing he explained: “I will present a new song, it’s called ‘Tomorrow’, I wrote it during my illness – he said in a brief greeting to the press – I don’t evoke a distant tomorrow, but an expanded present. The music it saved me, the disease, as I will explain, made it difficult for me to play the piano, it really hit home there. I will play and tell my story in the hope of being able to help many other patients, as many other patients have helped me.”