Jeremy Allen White will play Bruce Springsteen in a movie

Will Jeremy Allen White, the cinematic Springsteen, sing?

Jeremy Allen White has already accepted to take on the role of Bruce Springsteen in the upcoming biopic about the making of the album “Nebraska” from 1982. The question at this point is whether he will sing

“We will try,” White confirmed to Variety on Tuesday at the premiere of his TV show “The Bear.” “We will do our best”.

In the cast of “Deliver Me to Nowhere” (as the film is called) the presence of Paul Walter Hauser (formerly in the series “Black Bird” and in “Richard Jewell”) in the role of Springsteen’s guitar technician, Mike Batlanand of Odessa Young (in the series “The Stand”) as an unspecified “love interest”. Scott Cooper will direct the film from 20th Century Studios, based on the book of the same name by Warren Zanes of 2023.

The future star of the film revealed that he has purposely not met Springsteen yet. “We’ve communicated a little through other people, but I hope this all comes to fruition,” he said. “We still have a few things to sort out, some timelines to meet, and I’m trying to do my own process before I meet the Springsteen man. I want to try to understand, so when I meet him, I’ll have some confidence in myself himself to stay there.”

In late 1981 and early 1982 Springsteen had completed a series of four-track song drafts, hoping to submit them for a recording with the E Street Band. They performed the songs and the drummer Max Weinberg he was satisfied with the results. “It was killer; it was all very hard,” he told Rolling Stone in 2010.

Ultimately, however, Springsteen decided to release the demos as they were and “Nebraska” became the hit acoustic record we know. “As great as it was, it wasn’t what Bruce wanted to release,” Weinberg added. “There’s a “Nebraska” album with a full band, all those songs are in a box somewhere.”

Springsteen liked some of the songs he heard during the so-called Electric Nebraska sessions. Several songs ended up on the subsequent album “Born in the USA”.

However, Springsteen’s manager, Jon Landau, stated that the E Street Band’s version of “Nebraska” will probably never see the light of day. “In my opinion,” he said, “the right version of “Nebraska” came out.”