Megan Thee Stallion: new queen of rap or sensational flop?

Megan Thee Stallion: new queen of rap or sensational flop?

When “Hiss” debuted directly at the top of the Billboard Global 200 on February 5, Megan Thee Stallion made history: she became the first female rapper to conquer alone, without a feat, the top of the weekly chart relating to the two hundred most streamed songs worldwide No colleague had succeeded before her.

Not that Missy Elliott who has always represented a beacon for the 29-year-old femcee from San Antonio, Texas. Not Cardi B. And not even Nicki Minaj, who in 2019 baptized Megan Jovon Ruth Pete – this is the rapper’s real name – with the hit “Hot girl summer”. The .haters who were ready to celebrate its fall (after no song from 2022’s “Traumazine” had managed to enter the US top ten), in the end they put away the fireworks they were ready to shoot: Megan Thee Stallion with the second preview – after “Cobra” – of his new album “Megan”, He gave him the middle finger, letting him know he’s here to stay in the rap game. Yet we didn’t suffer enough from the impactful goal: gossip immediately took over. Former friend Nicki Minaj took some lines of “Hiss” decidedly personal in which Megan Thee Stallion referred directly to her, essentially accusing her of being a coward who enjoys dissing but then finds herself in front of the recipients of the rhymes of her he backtracks. In three days the voice of “Anaconda” came out with a track, “Bigfoot” (with a title that mocks Megan’s size, comparing it to that of the scary legendary creature of American and Canadian culture), in which she accused the femcee of singing unwritten lyrics in her own hand, that she was essentially an alcoholic and that she had lied by swearing on her deceased mother during a TV show about the story of the shooting she was the victim of during an argument with her ex Tory Lanez.

Five months later, gossip and entertainment sites continue to talk about the story, but every trace of both “Hiss” and “Big Foot” has been lost in the US charts. Not only that: when there are just two days left until the release of “Megan”, the new album by the Texan femcee, the third after “Good news” of 2020 and “Traumazine”, Megan Thee Stallion has no song in the weekly ranking of the two hundred most listened to songs on Spotify in the USA. Megan Thee Stallion’s name only appears associated with that of another colleague, the 24-year-old femcee from Tennessee GloRillareal name Gloria Hallelujah Woods, with whom she recently recorded the single “Wanna be”.

Not only that: on social media there are those who report how .the European tour which will start on July 4th from Glasgowin the United Kingdom, and which will see the American femcee perform live in the main arenas of the Old Continent immediately after the release of “Megan”, is not exactly an announced success. Far from it: between unsold sectors and tickets sold at lower prices – for the show scheduled at Co-op Live in Manchester on July 5th there are tickets on sale for 47 pounds, or 55 euros; for the one scheduled at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam on July 10th there are tickets on sale for 54 euros – compared to those of other stars with a track record like his35 platinum albums won in the USA, 26 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a hit over a billion plays (that “Wap”, acronym for “Wet ass pussy”, a title that doesn’t need who knows what explanations, which in 2020 recorded together with Cardi B) and 9 billion total listens on Spotify alone, the tour is likely to be a little below expectations.

Last year she was caught in the company of the Belgian bomber Romelu Lukaku at the wedding of Lautaro Martinez, at the time the player’s teammate at Inter, on Lake Como: she had been talked about more for extra-musical events than for hits. Search for the femcee’s name on Google and among the first results appear articles on the vinda della complaint made against him by a cameramanwho accused her of improper behavior at work: the man would have been forced to watch her have sex with another woman inside a vehicle during her recent tour of Spainbefore being taken out by the entourage.

Then there are all the aftermath of the story of the gunshot that Tory Lanez allegedly fired at her. Not just Nicki Minaj: she dedicated some rhymes to the story too.Eminemwho in his new single “Houdini”, the first preview of his next album, which immediately went to the top of the world charts, made a very unfair joke about Megan Thee Stallion. “If I asked her to do a song with me, would I also get a bullet in the foot?”, he raps about the femcee, born in 1995, former Jay Z protégéBeyoncé’s husband, who signed her to his Roc Nation in 2018.

We’ll see if with the eighteen pieces of “Megan”, whose tracklist was revealed in recent days on social media, Megan Thee Stallion will be able to relaunch herself. There will be no sensational feats on the album: in “BAS” he duets with Kyle Richh, in “Mamushi” with Yuki Chiba, in “Accennt” with Glorilla herself, in “Paper together” with UGK and in “Spin” with Victoria Monet. In a recent interview granted to “L’Officiel” she she said she was ready to celebrate its rebirth. It is no coincidence that he chose “Cobra” as his first single and that on the cover it comes out of a newly hatched egg: “Snakes are misunderstood in Western culture: they represent rebirth, spirituality. The snake is a kind of anti-hero”.