Warren Ellis' Dirty Three are back with a new album

Warren Ellis' Dirty Three are back with a new album

Twelve years later 2012's “Toward the low sun”, the Dirty Three have reunited and are about to return to the recording scene. The instrumental trio originally from Melbourne in Australia, formed by Nick Cave's trusted collaborator Warren Ellis together with Mick Turner and Jim White, has in fact announced today – 2 April – the release of a new album.

The album that marks the group's return is entitled “Love changes everything” and will be available next time June 28. The project is anticipated by first single “Love changes everything I”, accompanied by a music video by Anna White. As reported in a press release, the song “opens the new album in a furious storm: the sun shines on the sharp edges of Warren Ellis' viola and rides the evolutions of Mick Turner's guitar and Jim White's drums”.

Also in a note, regarding the trio's return, we read: “emerging once again from the incessant waves crashing on our fragile ship of time, adrift in the eternal ocean and taking on water, the Dirty Three are: a) back, b) tangled in seaweed, dirty and with three menacing looks visible from miles away and c) they don't waste another minute because nothing is guaranteed. For their first album in over ten, they got on a flight, got together and started playing End of the story.

What else is there to say or do but this? .Music is their language, their true love; they never stop listening. And as the title says, 'Love changes everything'.”

Here is the tracklist and cover of “Love changes everything“:

1. Love Changes Everything I
2. Love Changes Everything II
3. Love Changes Everything III
4. Love Changes Everything IV
5. Love Changes Everything V
6. Love Changes Everything VI