Ricchi e Poveri, eight remixes and a dream: seeing them at Tomorrowland

Ricchi e Poveri, eight remixes and a dream: seeing them at Tomorrowland

In a reel they relive the month of February: “Here we were in Milan, we were rehearsing”, says Angelo. And Angela: “I was cheerful. Cheerful?! I had drunk an extra drink I guess”. “No, one more bottle”, he points out. In another video they both show off sunglasses and are filmed in plastic poses, with the trending song “What you won't do for love” playing in the background. In yet another clip they exit the elevator wearing trapper jackets, then recite the lyrics to theirs “But not all my life” in ASMR versionand if you don't know what it is, look for it on YouTube (Calcutta, for example, last year tempered the wait for her new album by publishing an ASMR version of all the songs, whispered by Sara J Asmr, 18.3 million of total views).

Stop them. Actually, no. Let them run wild. When does a moment like that happen again? .For two months the Rich and Poor have been living a fairy tale with lysergic, irresistible and unstoppable contours. Included by Amadeus in the cast of the Sanremo Festival 2024 to fill the “over” quota of the event (the one which, to be clear, in the last editions had been represented by the various Cugini di Campagna, Iva Zanicchi, Orietta Berti and Rita Pavone), the group – or what remains of it: the “blonde” Marina Occhiena, who left the band in 1981, was not recalled after the 2020 reunion; Franco Gatti, the historic “moustache”, passed away in 2022 – of “Sarà because I love you” for two months it has been very popular on TikTok and surrounding areas between memes and whatnot with that “But not all life” which he had at the Ariston settle for twenty-first place in the final ranking and now take quite a few revenges. A trend that the duo decided to ride, taking to the track and even throwing eight remixes of the hit.

Angela and Angelo have gathered a series of DJs and producers whose names range from internationally recognized stars to new promises of the underground. There is Populous, real name Andrea Mangia, producer and DJ from Salento who made his debut in 2003 with the Berlin label Morr Music before joining the roster of La Tempesta, the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti label. There is Gima, real name Giacomo Manzi, twenty-eight years old, arrived at the console struck by the sound of Flume, Moderat and James Blake. There is Ckronoborn Gianluca Daiichiro, Italian-Japanese already behind the Balera Favela project, with which he explores the new frontiers of global club music, moving from Brazilian funk to Latin reggaeton, from Afrobeats to kuduro, and then cumbia, perreo and so on .

There is .Lorenzo BITW, also from La Tempesta Dischi, which moves between funky, garage and grime. The first four remixes of “Ma non tutto la vita” were released last Friday on the platforms and listening to them is apsychedelic experience. The results are shocking: from the techno of Populous's version to the acid dance of Gima's version, from the psychedelic EDM of Ckrono's version to the grime version of Lorenzo BITW. I Ricchi e Poveri as no one has ever heard them, one might say, waiting to discover the remixes of Protopapa & Hey Cabrera!, ATCG, Marquis and Splendoreout next Friday.

Yes, of course, the Geolier phenomenon, who with his “I p' me, tu p' te” was rewarded by televoting with a plebiscite and on 21, 22 and 23 June he will make history by performing for three evenings – sold out – at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in his native Naples.

Yes, right, the king and queen of radio programming, Mahmood with his “Gold Tracksuit” and Annalisa with the catchphrase “Sincerely”. And obviously, Ghali, who with “Casa mia” caused a lot of talk in the days following the end of the event, for more political reasons than anything else. If Angelina Mango with “La noia” is preparing to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö from 7 to 11 May (with good chances – according to the bettors – of obtaining an excellent placement), to the list with the names of the .moral winners of the Sanremo Festival the Rich and Poor are also added by right. That with “But not all life”, dragged by memes on social media, they even managed to win a Gold Record with a new song after who knows how many years since the last time.

AND Concert ticket sales are soaring. The first two shows announced, those on May 3rd at the Teatro Dal Verme in Milan and on May 21st at Brancaccio in Rome, are already sold out. The duo will also perform on May 13th at the Teatro Colosseo in Turin and on the 15th at the Europaditorium in Bologna, while a summer waiting to be discovered awaits on the horizon. If this continues, in July we will also find them at Tomorrowland: wouldn't it be wonderful?