Umberto Tozzi, farewell to live scenes with 'The Last Pink Night'

Umberto Tozzi, farewell to live scenes with 'The Last Pink Night'

Umberto Tozzi will say goodbye to its audience with a final international tour (produced by Friends & Partners) which will start on May 17th from Malta: the series of dates will stop in Italy on June 20th in Rome and on July 7th in Venice, and then continue – in our country – on 22 and 28 August, respectively in Catania and Macerata, on 4 September in Venice, on 13 in Caserta, on 5 October at the Assago Forum, in Milan, and on 12 October in Turin. The tour – which will extend until October 2025 – will also visit Romania, France, Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland, Canada, the United States and Australia.

The show was presented by the artist today, Friday 15 March, at the Olympia in Paris, a historic venue which will be visited by the tour on 11 May 2025, the last appointment in Europe scheduled on the calendar.

“Paris for me was the springboard after Italy to become a European and then an international artist: I'm superstitious, I was there two months ago for a concert and I think this place brings me luck,” he explained Tozzi meeting the Italian and international press: “I've been thinking about one last tour for a long time. Without showing my medical records, I spent two very difficult years due to a health problem, with the fear of never being able to go on stage again. Then I got over it, but I developed this idea that I had been thinking about for a long time. With this final tour I realize more than one dream: that of playing concerts with a big orchestra, to ensure that my music – which I consider symphonic – acquires value in live performances. Then this year, after a long time, I will create a production of unreleased songs that will be released next autumn, and I will be able to play at least 4 songs live during the next tour, which will be present in the next release. For the moment we touch 3 continents, I hope to touch 4 or 5, there is no expiry date, I don't know when it will end, but I think there is a time for everything”.

At the end of the tour, will it be time for Tozzi to retire or will there be room for something else, for example for a soundtrack?

“A soundtrack would be a joy. But I haven't thought about what I'll do next yet: the calendar for this period, which I hope will be very long, will change along the way. I will certainly be busy, I hope that important things happen to me, also in terms of mental commitment. I've been touring for fifty years, I still have to finish the 'Gloria forever' tour that I started a year ago. Undoubtedly a certain type of tiredness also sets in: it is human and obvious that it can happen. I will leave from the Baths of Caracalla to go to Australia and Chile: it is a joy, but it is also very tiring. I know I've been privileged to have had such a long career and to have written the songs I've written, reaching multiple generations. It's a lot of stuff. The audience still gives me great energy, and this is something wonderful that I always carry in my heart. It's hard to imagine this ending, but there's time for everything: it's right to face this tour with the energy I still have, emotionally it's very strong.”

What will happen, in Tozzi's head and heart, when the curtain finally falls? “It will definitely make me cry: this gift that I have received, of being able to do this job, is something truly too special. I will definitely shed a tear.”

Tozzi, who has put his signature at the bottom of international hits, has never feared overexposure of his songs. “Instead of changing the chords to modernize I always tried to recreate the master I recorded live,” he says: “I think I was very lucky in having written certain songs. There are many, but I would have liked to write forty of 'I love you' and 'Gloria'.”

Which city would Tozzi choose for his last time on stage? “I've played in fantastic places, like the Royal Albert Hall in London or the Opera House in Sydney: they are places that leave us artists with great memories. Where would I like to close? I'm lucky enough to return to these places I mentioned: I don't know where to finish it, I have no idea. It would seem more logical to me to close in Italy. I should say Turin, because I was born there.”

From next March 22nd on all digital platforms a new unreleased version of “My loving woman“, recorded as a duet with the leader of Negramaro Giuliano Sangiorgi. “He's a fantastic guy”, says Tozzi, “for me it's lucky to be here with him. If you want to intervene during the tour, consider yourself invited”. Subsequently, in autumn, Tozzi will also release a new album of unreleased songs, the details of which have not yet been disclosed.

These are the tour dates, produced and organized by Friends & Partners, Momy Records and Concerto Music:

17 May 2024 – Malta, Ghaxaq Grounds, Summer Lust Festival
29 May 2024 – Romania, Bucharest, Sala Palatului
20 May 2024 – Italy, Rome, Baths of Caracalla
7 July 2024 – Italy, Venice, Piazza San Marco

9 July 2024 – France, Le Lavandou, Grande Plage Du Lavandou
21 July 2024 – Germany, Regensburg, Thurn Und Taxis Palace, Schlossfestspiele
28 July 2024 – Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Ancient Theatre
2 August 2024 – France, Chamonix, L'index En fête

18 August 2024 – Germany, Ulm, Klosterhof Wiblingen
22 August 2024 – Italy, Catania, Villa Bellini
28 August 2024 – Italy, Macerata, Sferisterio

31 August 2024 – Croatia, Montraker Vrsar Query, Summer Festival
1 September 2024 – Croatia, Opatija, Summer Stage
4 September 2024 – Italy, Vicenza, Piazza Dei Signori, Vincenza In Festival
13 September 2024 – Italy, Caserta, Royal Palace of Caserta, Piazza Carlo Di Borbone
5 October 2024 – Italy, Milan, Forum
12 October 2024 – Italy, Turin, Inalpi Arena

2 November 2024 – Switzerland, Zurich, Kongresshaus
19 January 2025 – Germany, Dusseldorf, Mitsubishi Electric Halle
20 January 2025 – Germany, Munich, Deutsches Theater
21 January 2025 – Germany, Stuttgart, Liederhalle, Beethovensaal

23 January 2025 – Germany, Freiburg, Konzerthaus
25 January 2025 – Switzerland, Lugano, Teatro Lac
16 February 2025 – Austria, Bregenz, Festspielhaus
19 February 2025 – Germany, Frankfurt, Alter Oper
22 February 2025 – Belgium, Brussels, Foret National
24 February 2025 – Austria, Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus
March 20, 2025 – Canada, Vancouver
March 22, 2025 – Canada, Montreal

March 23, 2025 – Canada, Toronto, Rama Theater
March 25, 2025 – United States of America, New York, Manhattan Center
March 27, 2025 – United States of America, Boston
March 29, 2025 – United States of America, Atlantic City, Hard Rock theater
March 30, 2025 – United States of America, Chicago, Des Plaines Theatre
May 11, 2025 – France, Paris, L'Olympia
13 October 2025 – Australia, Perth, Astor Theatre
15 October 2025 – Australia, Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre
17 October 2025 – Australia, Sydney, State Theatre
18 October 2025 – Australia, Melbourne, The Palais Theatre