There's Postino for you: "Indie? The ashes remain"

There's Postino for you: “Indie? The ashes remain”

The debut album of 2018, “Soya milk“, had come out of nowhere and had convinced everyone, immediately, totaling over 25 million streams, driven by songs like “Blu” and “Ambra was naked”, which had made their way into the trending playlists of indie pop, even more indie what a pop. Then, at the most beautiful moment, Postino, stage name of Samuele Torrigiani, born in 1992, surprised everyone announcing that he had to temporarily retire from music No, it wasn't about mental health.

At least not directly: “In 2019 my life underwent an important change, which rewarded the sacrifices made and the years spent studying after graduating in medicine: the entrance to the much desired .graduate School. Due to an incompatibility in the specialization contract I was not allowed to carry out any professional activity outside of it, therefore neither live activities nor publication of songs”.

Five years later Postman, who in the meantime started working as psychiatrist, he's back on a stage. To promote her album. Not the one of 2018 which allowed the light synth-pop with which he described the daily life of his generation to gain a following among fans of the Italian singer-songwriter scene of the 2010s, but the new “The order of things to say”, released last December. Last night the tourswhich started in February from Santeria in Milan, which in recent weeks has stopped in Turin, Bologna and Florence, has arrived in Rome on the Largo Venue stage. It will close tonight at the Smav in Caserta: “After five years of silence, I didn't expect a return of this type, to be honest.

Out of four dates I've done, three have sold out. .I think it's an important message for current music and encouragement, today that we are stuck in this logic of having to make one album after another otherwise we end up forgotten: one can stay for three or four years and still have feedback when he returns.”

“The order of things to say” contains eight songs: the synth-pop of the beginning makes room for strings, wind instruments and electric guitars. “They are songs born in the last three years. After the stop I didn't write anything. I was also a bit nauseated by the whole world of the music industry: I had smelled the air and I didn't like it. I had written the 2018 album in seven years. We didn't even have time to release it before we were already expecting another single. The stop, in this sense, helped me, because I had nothing new to let out. The songs on the new album were born during my specialization: in the evening, to relax after days of studying, I picked up the guitar and started strumming notes and chords. At 30 I feel closer to more mature writing. Among my references are Brunori Sas, Niccolò Fabi, Lucio Dalla”, explains Postino.

Today the Tuscan singer-songwriter he divides his time between music and his work as a psychiatrist: “I can manage myself the way I want. It's extremely stressful compared to those who can dedicate themselves exclusively to music, because I have to 'split': three hours before I'm in the clinic with the patients, three hours later in the studio writing songs. For now I won't give up either thing.” Compared to 2018, you found a totally changed scene: “The ashes of that movement remain there. That indie scene of which I was part brought a breath of fresh air into the Italian pop scene, which had crystallized and become plastic, between songs written on the table and so on. The problem is that in the long term we have not been able to remain independent on an entrepreneurial level, but rather to maintain an independent attitude”. The only exception? “Calcutta. A character so strong that it cannot be incorporated in any way. The others got lost. I had the misfortune of stopping at that moment. And maybe it was also my luck.”