Ultimo surprisingly announces the new album "Altrove"

Ultimo surprisingly announces the new album “Altrove”

Last with a “dry” and concise post on social media he announces the surprise release of “Somewhere else”, the new album of unreleased songs (the sixth in the studio) arriving on Friday 17 May under an independent label Last Recordsdistributed by Believe and available now for pre-order.

Somewhere else” by Niccolò Moriconi aka Ultimo it will be available on all digital platforms and can be pre-ordered immediately in all formats CD, autographed CD, Vinyl And Autographed vinyl

The purpose of the album, as stated in a press release, is to “discover thatsomewhere else that everyone designs in a unique way and keeps within themselves.”

This is the tracklist of the album

1. Somewhere else
2. Monday
3. When we are old
4. Snow in the sun
5. Those two lovers
6. Street love
7. Bright eyes
8. Universal Flood Feat. Half-Blood

The album comes out just in time to be listened to and then sung by fans during the live shows of “Last Stadiums 2024 – The Tale Continues”: the tour that will see him return to the green fields of football.

There are 10 dates including the zero date of 2 June at the Nereo Rocco Stadium in Trieste, a double at the Maradona in Naples (8-9 June, the first sold out), an encore also in Turin (15-16 June, the first sold out ) and, for the second year in a row, one hat-trick at the Olimpico in Rome (22-23-24 June, the first two sold out). The tour then continues with a single stop in Sicily on June 28th at the San Filippo Stadium in Messina and will finally end on July 6th at the Euganeo Stadium in Padua, this last date also already sold out.

With this tour, Niccolò performed in 33 stadiums at just 28 years old.