Travis, the new album 'LA Times' in July: here is the first single

Travis, the new album 'LA Times' in July: here is the first single

Travis' new studio album will be released on July 12th: entitled “LA Times”, the album was preceded by the single “Gaslight”, already available on the Internet:

“'LA Times' is our most personal album since 'The Man Who,'” said frontman and bandleader Fran Healy: “There were a lot of important things to write about back then, the tectonic plates they had moved into my life. I was 22 when I wrote the songs on that record. They were my therapy. More than twenty years later and the plates have moved again. There's a lot to talk about.”

“I read a few weeks ago that 'gaslighting' was the most searched word on the web in the world,” continued the artist regarding the new single: “We live in an era in which our realities are distorted by bosses, leaders , friends, teachers and politicians. It happens everywhere. Gaslighters want to control you. He tells you things that undermine your self-confidence and make you question reality, making you feel like you're going crazy.”

Produced by Tony Hoffer (who previously worked with Air, Beck and Phoenix), “LA Times” was written by Fran Healy in his studio on the edge of Skid Row, in Los Angeles, the city where the artist has resided for over ten years. The album will also be available in a deluxe version containing two versions of the album, the official one and a more “essential” one recorded between bassist Dougie Payne's living room in Glasgow and Fran Healy's house in California.

Here is the tracklist of the album:

1 -Bus

2 -Raze the Bar

3 -Live It All Again

4 -Gaslight

5 -Alive

6 -Home

7 -I Hope That You Spontaneously Combust

8 -Naked In New York City

9 -The River

10 -LA Times