Tony Iommi's favorite Deep Purple song

Tony Iommi's favorite Deep Purple song

In late 1960s Britain, three legendary bands planted the seeds of the tree that would later be called hard rock and heavy metal. The names of these groups are Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath And Deep Purple. More than half a century later one might think that there was a certain rivalry between them, but this is not the case.

The guitarist of Black Sabbath Tony Iommi, speaking to Classic Rock, he recalled jamming with members of Led Zeppelin and the great admiration he always had for

Deep Purple and chooses his favorite song from their repertoire. The song of Deep Purple which the 76-year-old guitarist from Birmingham prefers is “Speed ​​King”the first on the album's tracklist “DeepPurple In Rock” released in 1970.

This is what was declared by
Tony Iommi
Deep Purple
: “I've always liked Deep Purple and my favorite album is “In Rock”. The songs are one classic after another. They always had great riffs and “Speed ​​King” is hard to beat. It's a great song and energetic where each member of the band does their best. Gillan's voice and Jon Lord's keyboards… They were truly fantastic musicians.”

“In Rock”
it was the first album by
Deep Purple
together with the singer
Ian Gillan
which he replaced
Rod Evans
behind the microphone. Gillan recorded four albums with the band before leaving in 1973, being replaced by
David Coverdale
in the album
from 1974.

The admiration of
Tony Iommi
for the
Deep Purple
it was such that he invited

Ian Gillan
to replace the singer of
Black Sabbath
Ronnie James God
for the album
“Born Again”
from 1983, despite Gillan claiming to have never heard a note of Sabbath's music… whether that's true or not.