Tony Iommi told Eddie Van Halen: 'You're doing it wrong'

Tony Iommi is working on a new solo album

During a guest appearance on the radio program Full Metal Jackie, the guitarist of Black Sabbath Tony Iommi has confirmed that he is working on a new solo LP.

“I'm writing things on my own, for an album. So that's exciting too. There's no pressure. I just do things when I feel like it, because, obviously, I have a life to live and I like to do different things. But I I really enjoyed doing these things, like I did with Ozz when I had recorded a couple of songs for his last album, it was nice to work with Ozz again Now I'm quite open to everything, whatever happens that I like, there I do.”.

Asked whether he will release a “real record” or just single songs whenever he feels like it, Tony Iommi he responded, as reported by Blabbermouth: “No, I'm going to make a record. And I've got a lot of stuff. Now we're really trying to put it together, me and the engineer. It's been really a lot of fun and, like I said, there's no 'It's no pressure, I don't have to do it by next week. Because of everything else, I have to take my time to do things, but it's been fun and that's the point, I can't wait to put out a album.”

Should it come out, the conditional is a must, the new album by Tony Iommi it would be the third of his solo career, after “Iommi” (read the review here) of 2000 and “Fused” of 2005.

Talking about Black Sabbath, in February 2017 the British group closed its long career with a concert in their native Birmingham to close their farewell tour. Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma at the end of 2011, due to which he was unable to travel for long periods of time. Tony revealed he had cancer in early 2012, shortly after the band announced a reunion tour and album. The guitarist underwent treatment throughout the recording of the album, entitled “13” (read the review here) released in 2013, and during the subsequent tour in support of the album.

“13” it was the first album in 35 years in which Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne and the bass player Geezer Butler they all went back to playing together. The drummer Bill Ward he was with them when the reunion was announced in 2013, but backed out soon after. The drummer later claimed that he skipped the recording and touring sessions due to what he felt were unfair contractual terms, although the other members of the band Black Sabbath in some interviews they implied that Ward was not physically up to the task.