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Tom Morello releases single “Soldier In The Army Of Love”

The guitarist of Rage Against the Machine Tom Morello on June 28th he will release a solo single entitled “Soldier In The Army Of Love”. The song was written together with his “guitar wizard son” Roman Morello and was described by Tom as “a generational Morello rock anthem.” “Soldier In The Army Of Love” is the first single from 's upcoming solo album Tom Morello which will be released later this year.

Last year,
Tom Morello
had shared a clip of 12-year-old Roman on Instagram while he played the classic dei
Rage Against the Machine “Killing In The Name”
together with the group members
Tim Commerford
Brad Wilk
accompanied by this caption: “After our induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame I would like to thank all the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE fans who have been the heart and soul of the music for over 30 years. One of my favorite memories it's my son Roman (who became a fan during the tour) playing 'Killing In The Name' with Tim and Brad during a soundcheck in 2022.”

Still speaking of his son, in March 2023, when Roman was 11 years old, Morello told Rolling Stone magazine that he could already beat him when it came to lead guitar. “I was very inspired by my 11-year-old son. In my family now I've been relegated to being the rhythm guitarist because my 11-year-old son can destroy me. I was inspired by him. He wrote some riffs and I wrote some riffs. It's It was fun.”

Roman Morello
he recorded a solo on
“The Children Will Rise Up”
an ecologist single of 2021, performed by the child prodigy
Nandi Bushell
. The two worked together with Tom to write the anthem in which the children promised that they would not be silenced when it came to shouting from the rooftops about environmental injustice. They also collaborated on the song
Jack Black
Greta Thunberg