Liam Gallagher criticizes Damon Albarn for his Coachella rage

Liam Gallagher dedicates a song to Dave Grohl

Liam Gallagher dedicated the 1994 classic to the Oasis “Cigarettes & Alcohol” to Dave Grohl during one of his London concerts this week. The frontman of Foo Fighters, a great friend and admirer of Liam, was present at the O2 Arena as a spectator together with his daughters Violet and Harper. At one point during the concert, Liam Gallagher shouted to the crowd from the stage: “Fucking fools. This is for the one and only Dave Grohl.”

In a video shot by a fan you can see it
Dave Grohl
while, enthusiastically with beer in hand, he enjoys the concert of the former singer of
. Grohl co-signed and played drums on Gallagher's 2022 single
“Everything's Electric”
taken from his third and final solo album,
“C'mon You Know”
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In an interview with British magazine NME shortly after the song's release, Grohl defined Liam Gallagher “one of the last few remaining rock stars”. She also said, “With that guy it's like putting a fucking quarter in a jukebox and turning it up. He's fucking amazing. Obviously he's an amazing singer and he's a fucking rock star.” In response, Gallagher posted the message on Twitter: “You're right, the rest is useless.” Via social media Grohl's Liam also wrote: “Today Dave Grohl is the most inspiring musician on the PLANET.”

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Dave Grohl for Gallagher's music is long-standing, in 2014 he defined the Oasis “the greatest rock band I've ever seen in my life,” adding that it was “a shame” that they had broken up: “Knowing that they're out there somewhere but they're not going to get together to do the thing that everyone would really love… ”