This is who Twice are, the nine Koreans at the top of the charts

This is who Twice are, the nine Koreans at the top of the charts

In this month of March at the top of the American charts we find a little-known name: that of Twice. Here's who they are and how they got there, at the top.

The story of this South Korean female band was born in a television context, during “Sixteen”, a musical show from the Asian country aired in 2016, where 16 contestants competed, evaluated for their singing and dancing skills but also for his charisma and personality. The aim of the talent show was to select the seven winners who were to enter the “project”Twice”. Two more contestants were added to the top seven, thus becoming nine: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Momo and Tzuyu (these last two were added later).

After “Sixteen”, finished in July 2015, the group made its debut in October with the album “The Story Begins” anticipated by the single “Like Ooh Ahh“, a song that remained at the top of the Korean charts until February 2016. The debut album exceeded 90,000 copies in November 2015.

On April 25, 2016, Twice released the EP “Page 2” with the new single “Cheer Up“. In the meantime the nine participate, always obtaining good placements in the different South Korean music contests until winning one in May 2016.

On October 24, 2016, Twice released the single “TT” taken from the EP “Twicecoaster: Lane 1”. The album also includes the song “1 In A Million“, which is the phrase with which the group introduces itself to the public. The music video for “TT” surpassed 10 000 000 views in less than 40 hours, becoming the fastest K-pop group to achieve this result. In November 2016 the album sold more than 200,000 copies, becoming the best-selling female K-pop album after 2010. The record belonged to Girls' Generation's “The Boys”.

The next single “Cheer Up” was the most played song of 2016 in South Korea, earning Twice the “Girl Group Of The Year” award

In 2017, just over a year after their debut, Twice announced Twiceland, their first tour. The dates sold out in a few hours. After the opening concert held on February 17 in Seoul, the tour continued in Thailand and Singapore.

During the tour, the band released their fourth album on February 20, 2017 “Twicecoaster: Lane 2”, with the single “Knock Knock“. The album totaled 266,654 copies sold in February 2017, while the video for “Knock Knock” surpassed 10,000,000 views in less than a day. The EP “Signal” with the eponymous single “Signal” follows the previous album by a few months.

Having just returned to South Korea after promotional activities in Japan, Twice will release their sixth album on October 30th “Twicetagram” from which yet another hit single “Likey” is extracted, whose video, shot in Canada, exceeded 100,000,000 views in a record time of 33 days and 23 hours, beating all previous records of other K-artists pop.

New album in December 2017Merry & Happy” and another single, “Heart Shaker“, which brought Twice 9 wins in music programs, remaining at the top of the charts for 1 month.

The frenetic pace of music production of 2017 continues and Twice reappear on April 9, 2018 (after 4 months of silence) with the song “What Is Love?” from the EP of the same name “What Is Love?”. The song talks about a sad story: the protagonists' curiosity about love; in fact, the latter only know love through films and TV series but have never had a real experience. The video is in fact a parody of famous love films.

After 3 months, on July 9th, Twice return with a summer hit: “Dance The Night Away“, part of the album “Summer Nights”. Even for this single and video the figures are impressive.

On September 12th, Twice reappears again with the new album “BDZ”, repeated in November by the EP “Yes or Yes”. To never stop, their first film was released on December 7, 2018, “Twiceland: TwiceMovie”.

The first months of 2019 are spent on tour in Japan and so we have to wait until April for theirs new EP “Fancy You”. The release of this latest album together with the previous ones made Twice the Korean girl group with the highest number of album copies sold, with a total of 3,750,000 copies. As of 2019, Twice have sold over 6,000,000 albums worldwide.

As the world tour dates roll by, on September 23rd the nine girls release their EP, “Feel Special”.

In 2020 the EP “More & More” (June) and the fourth album, “Eyes Wide Open” (October 2020) which are invariably successes.

2021 (exactly January 28) opens with an appearance of the band in the series “Time 100 Talks” a live stream organized by Time magazine. On March 6, the group held their second online concert entitled “Twice in Wonderland“, first announced on January 14. The concert was broadcast using various technologies including AR (augmented reality) and MR (mixed reality).

On June 11, the group released their tenth Korean EP, “Taste of Love”, with the single “Alcohol-Free” released on June 9. The group's third Japanese studio album arrives on July 28, “Perfect World”. On October 1, the group's first English single, “The Feels“.

On November 12, their third studio album in Korean, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3”.

A series of seven North American concerts arrives in February 2022 (over 100,000 spectators with sold-out doubles in Los Angeles and New York) during their fourth world tour.

on August 26, 2022 they reappear with their eleventh EP entitled “Between 1&2”.

The new single “I Got You” was released on February 2, 2024, followed on the 23rd of the same month by the 13th mini album “With YOU-th”.

On February 4, 2024, the collaboration with the singer was announced Lauv in the group's upcoming song.