Mahmood: "The 'Gold Tracksuit' is my armour"

The whole catchphrase has already started: the Waiting for Summer playlist

Summer is upon us, but without catchphrases what kind of summer is it? The protagonists of Italian pop each take their place at the starting line: there are masters of the genre but also novices. Everyone is ready to start running at the start: the race will continue until late September. Then it will be time to take stock. In the meantime, we'll take care of gathering the first potential hits of the summer that's about to begin playlist Waiting for summerThat you can listen right below.

We will most likely continue with “Tuta gold” for a long time to come Mahmoodwhich after the last Sanremo Festival has practically never slowed down: moral winner – together with “I p' me, tu p' te” by Geolier – of the event, the hit continues to generate streams and clicks.

On Spotify the single has exceeded 85 million total streams, on YouTube the video has reached 63 million views. In the league of catchphrases, Mahmood is a heavyweight. In 2019 “Calpiso” was a four-time platinum success, in 2020 “Dorado” was one of the hits of the post-lockdown summer, while the following year it was the turn of “Klan”: the voice of “Soldi” preparing to return to dominate? Too early to tell. The remake of the cult hit “Che idea” by Pino D'Angiò, re-recorded by the singer-songwriter – now 71 years old – together with Bnkr44. Presented for the first time on the Ariston stage on the evening of the duet covers with Pino D'Angiò himself, the song has already won a gold record.

After “Taxi sulla luna” with Emma, ​​one of last year's hits, Tony Effe relaunches with “Miu miu”, among the successes contained in his album “Icon”. It's the same Emma he doesn't stand by and watch. Fresh from the success of “Apnea”, which after being presented in competition at the Sanremo Festival became very popular on social media and on streaming platforms between trends and so on (the single reached 27 million streams on Spotify), the pop star from Salento returns with “Femme fatale”, looking at the Italian 2000s.

We will certainly listen to “Fire” a lot, by “our” Meduza – the Milanese trio who with hits such as “Lose control”, “Paradise” and “Piece of your heart” conquered discos all over the world and made them dance – together with the OneRepublicthe official anthem of the 2024 European Football Championships. Leo Gassmann makes everyone dance with “Take that”, between funk and electronica, while in “Italian humor” Michele Bravi and Guè partially recompose the “Nero Bali” team: together with Elodie the two won the double platinum record in 2018.

And i Boomdabash, undisputed protagonists of the Italian musical summer of recent years? Will the Salento group stop with “Tutta un'altra storia”, released in March, well in advance, or does it have something in the works?