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The story of how Tom Morello managed to see Led Zeppelin

Like all musicians, also the guitarist of Rage Against the Machine Tom Morello it had its heroes. Speaking exclusively to the British magazine Metal Hammer, the 60-year-old of Italian-Kenyan origins revealed that one of his idols is the legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page and who was lucky enough to be able to play together several times.

Morello, when he was very young, even managed to see a concert by Led Zeppelin At the risk of not seeing him because his leg was in a cast and he had to beg his mother and doctor to let him go.

“Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands of all time. I was lucky enough to see them in 1977 at Chicago Stadium. My leg was in a cast and I had tickets for Led Zeppelin. My mom told me I couldn't go, so we went to a neutral referee, who was my doctor, I pleaded my case to him and my mother explained: 'It's not safe!'. The doctor replied: 'Well, he will probably suffer, he will have to use crutches, but he will suffer on crutches at a Led Zeppelin concert. So I saw them at their last performance in Chicago.”.

Tom Morello
he continued: “A few years later, I got to work with Jimmy Page on a song for the Godzilla soundtrack. With Puff Daddy we did a song called “Come With Me” based on the riff from “Kashmir”. In I played guitar and bass on that song. Then years later I became friends with Jimmy and he came to the Finsbury Park show, the Rage Against the Machine party in Finsbury Park, and more recently I got to see him when Rage were on inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He played that night. We spent some time together and my son, who is an amazing guitarist, has Jimmy Page as his favorite guitarist. I'm not offended by that, but he has too I had the opportunity to meet him.”