The soundtrack of the TV series “Studio Battaglia” digitally

The soundtrack of the TV series “Studio Battaglia” digitally

The original soundtrack signed by is available digitally Stefano Lentini (the same author as that of “Mare Fuori”) and published by Curci Editions And Palomar of the second season of “Studio Battaglia”, the TV series directed by Simone Spada and written by Lisa Nur Sultan, broadcast from this evening in prime time on Rai 1.

After composing the soundtrack of the first season, Stefano Lentini returns to collaborate for the second season of the series that he sees in the cast Barbora Bobulova, Lunetta Savino, Miriam Dalmazio, Giorgio Marchesi, Marina Occhionero, David Sebasti, with Thomas Trabacchi, with the extraordinary participation of Carla Signoris and with the participation of Massimo Ghini.

The climate of delicacy and refinement of this second season of “Studio Battaglia” pushed me to search for an essential and luminous musical language, effervescent and intimate at the same time. So I decided to address the architecture of sound around the potential of the string quartet, an immeasurable potential. The quartet has become a place of navigation, exploration, soundscape and leading voice. The Adorno Quartet was a precious and irreplaceable protagonist in this creative journey and allowed me to deconstruct and recompose the ensemble like pieces of a polychrome mosaic where each repositioning was a distortion of the rules of the game. We worked in the studio with great care and attention to sound and nuances together with director Daniele Belardinelli who made his sensitivity and talent available to build a harmonious and brilliant multiverse.”
Stefano Lentini

Performed by the pianist Gilda Buttà and from Adorno Quartet (Edoardo Zosi and Liù Silvia Pelliciari on violin, Benedetta Bucci on viola and Stefano Cerrato on cello) together with Marco Rovinelli on drums, the soundtrack was created and produced by Stefano Lentini (who also played guitars, electric bass, piano and flute for the soundtrack) and mixed in London by the three-time Grammy Award sound engineer Geoff Foster with whom Lentini has already shared a Double Platinum Disc. The mastering was done by Bo Kondren at the Calyx in Berlin.

This is the tracklist of the soundtrack: “Fragility”, “Suite Tristesse Pt. 4”, “Peripezie”, “Destinazione Ignota”, “Battle”, “Sguardi e Basta”, “Molto Mosso”, “Iceberg”, “Coming Out”, “Single Choir ”, “Momentariamente”, “Suite Tristesse Pt. 5” and “Quid?”.

Stefano Lentini is a composer and producer. He signed it Stabat mater For “The Grandmaster” Of Wong Kar Waia film nominated for two Oscar Awards, several csound columns, including those for TV series “The Red Door” And “Sea Outside“, And recording projects as “Fury” And “Verdi Revisited”.

Lentini's sound universes, multifaceted, layered and always original, create experiences that enrich and amplify the cinematic experience. Double Platinum, his music moves between genres, redefines the rules and brings classical music into the 21st century.