“The Song Remains The Same”, the Led Zeppelin film returns

“The Song Remains The Same”, the Led Zeppelin film returns

He arrives in the rooms, only on March 25, 26, 27 as special event,Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The SameThe concert film that collects the footage of performances of Led Zeppelin to the Madison Square Garden in New York on 27, 28 and 29 July 1973 during the tour of “Houses Of The Holy”, Zep’s fifth studio album. The list of theaters that will show the film will be communicated shortly and presales will begin from February 27th.

Going to the cinema is an important event for all fans of the band and allows you to see the famous live performance in New York in a completely remastered version. But Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Samecreated specifically for cinema by the band members themselves, it also offers the opportunity to discover the personal lives of the group members with backstage footage and to retrace their “private hallucinations”, narrated through specially created animated sequences.

The remastering of the soundtrack was personally supervised by the band members, resulting in a film that reveals, visually and musically, the very essence of the greatest and most influential rock band in the world.

On October 22, 1976, the film’s soundtrack was made available to the public in a double album bearing the same title as the film. It is the British quartet’s first live album. The title of the album and the film are the same as a song contained in the 1973 album “The Houses Of The Holy”. The album was then reissued in 2007 with a different setlist and six more tracks.

Tracklist 2007 Edition

Disc 1

Rock and roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog *
Over The Hills And Far Away*
Misty Mountain Hop*
Since I’ve Been Loving You*
No Quarter
The Song Remains the Same
Rain Song
The Ocean *

Disc 2

Dazed and Confused
stairway to Heaven
Moby Dick
Heartbreaker *
Whole Lotta Love

* Tracks present only in the 2007 version

To the new trailer of Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The SameLuca De Gennaro and Mixo lent their voices, two iconic names of Italian radio who host every day on Radio Capital Capital Records.