The "old" Neil Young with bands on record

The “old” Neil Young with bands on record

The first recordings of Neil Young with i Crazy Horse have an inestimable historical value for fans of the Canadian singer-songwriter and the announcement of the release of the new album “Early Daze” scheduled for June 28, 2024 can only generate great interest.

This release brings together some of Young's most significant songs in a single album for the first time, many of which feature contributions from the guitarist Danny Whitten (died in 1972). The band Crazy Horse, formed after the breakup of Buffalo Springfield, included Danny Whitten, Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Jack Nitzsche.

Since their first live shows, the lineup has set the tone for rock, quickly gaining attention with songs like “Dance Dance Dance,” “Come on Baby Let's Go Downtown,” “Cinnamon Girl” and “Down by the River.”

“Early Daze” will be available on Greedy Hand Store by Neil Young Archives (NYA) and other platforms, with free high-resolution digital audio downloads included for purchases from the Greedy Hand Store.

The collection includes never-before-released original versions and a 1970 7-inch Mono mix with a guitar ending not present on the original LP version. The songs on “Early Daze” represent a new beginning for rock in the late 1960s, a time when music was evolving from psychedelic experimentation towards a more complex and innovative style of writing. Neil Young with Crazy Horse were pioneers of this new musical style, paving the way for a subsequent school of musicians and also profoundly influencing generations to come who will often refer to Neil Young's style and draw inspiration from it.

This is the tracklist of “Early Daze”

1. Dance Dance Dance (Included on Neil Young – Archives Vol. I.)
2. Come On Baby Let's Go Downtown (Unreleased version)
3. Winterlong (Unreleased version)
4. Everybody's Alone (Different mix included on Archives Vol. I)
5. Wonderin' (Unreleased version)

Side Two:
1. Cinnamon Girl (Original 7” Mono mix. Released April 20, 1970.
Includes a guitar ending not present in the LP version.)
2. Look At All The Things (Unreleased version)
3. Helpless (Unreleased version)
4. Birds (Unreleased stereo mix). Mono mix was released as B-side to “Only Love Can Break YourHeart”)

5. Down By The River (Unreleased version with alternate vocals)

All tracks produced by David Briggs and Neil Young except “Dance Dance Dance” produced by Jack Nitzsche and Neil Young