The Melvins announce new album “Tarantula Heart”

The Melvins announce new album “Tarantula Heart”

THE Melvins have announced a new album, “Tarantula Heart” and shared the video for the single “Working the Ditch” ahead of the LP’s April 19 release date.

Presented as one of the band’s most eccentric records, “Tarantula Heart” sees the trio (Buzz Osborne – vocals, guitar, Dale Crover – drums, vocals, bass and Steve McDonald – bass) collaborate with the drummer Ray Mayorga and We Are the Asteroid guitarist and longtime Melvins associate Gary Chester.

“The way we approached “Tarantula Heart” was different than any other Melvins album,” explained King Buzzo, aka Buzz Osborne, via the press release announcing the album’s release. “I asked Dale and Roy Mayorga to play with me and Steven on some riffs, then I took those sessions and figured out which parts would work and wrote new music to fit them. This isn’t a studio approach we’ve ever taken. We usually have the songs written before we start recording!”

Crover added on battery manufacturing: “Most of “Tarantula Heart” It has double drum parts. Roy is an amazing drummer. We would discuss what we would do in terms of patterns, then we would just do it. Improvising riffs and swapping drum fills.”

“Tarantula Heart” it was recorded, mixed and co-produced by the band’s historic collaborator, Toshi Kasai. Mackie Osborne created the album’s artwork.

The new production (26th studio album) arrives in two years after the previous one “Bad Moon Rising” (2022) and one with a double acoustic “Five Legged Dog“.

While the Melvins have yet to announce US tour dates for 2024, King Buzzo will be out with Mr. Bungle’s Trevor Dunn for a series of summer shows performing their acoustic album “Gift of Sacrifice” and more.

The track list of “Tarantula Heart”:

Pain Equals Funny.
Working The Ditch.
She’s Got Weird Arms.
Allergic To Food.