The constant rumors about Oasis reunion are always denied

The constant rumors about Oasis reunion are always denied

Liam Gallagher provided an update on the status of a possible reunion of the Oasisfollowing news that the band had booked dates for of concerts at Wembley Stadium this year.

In recent days Daily Mirror had published an exclusive article, according to which Liam and Noel Gallagher would have booked dates for an Oasis reunion at Wembley Stadium in July this year, before the plans fell through.

An anonymous source told the British newspaper that fans were close to seeing a reunion this year. “Until now, no one knew how close Liam and Noel were to making it happen,” the source said. “Nothing closer than booking Wembley, and their teams were devastated when it all collapsed once again.”

“But the fact that they have reached this point shows that there is a will on both sides. The hope is that it is not a question of if, but of when.” Contacted by the British press, Liam and Noel’s representatives declined to comment.

However, on June 23, the Oasis frontman responded via social media to a fan who asked him if there would be a reunion of the group next year. “Nobody told me,” he tweeted, “maybe they’re getting a new singer like Queen,” referring to Adam Lambert’s time with what remained of the English band.

Liam is currently touring in support of the band’s debut album “Definitely Maybe”, which turns 30 this year. The tour is in the name of the singer alone because as he said in February, Noel rejected the opportunity to reunite for these celebratory concerts.

“I called him! Well, my people called Noel’s management,” Liam said. “We put an offer on the table for an Oasis thing – because it was offered to us – and he said no. It was a big tour, with a lot of money. He turned it down. I understand, he’s going through a divorce I’m going to do the ‘Definitely Maybe’ thing and have fun without him.”

Liam also reflected on the end of the band in 2009, revealing to the Sunday Times that tensions came to a head after he hit one of Noel’s guitars “like an axe” (so Liam says) backstage at the Paris concert.

“Maybe someone can get a little grumpy on tour,” he commented. “Maybe someone drinks a little too much. But we shouldn’t have split up over that.” For now, Liam regularly leaves a seat reserved for Noel, including at all shows of the current “Definitely Maybe” tour.

The tour also sees Liam busy rediscovering the first rarities of the band’s catalogue. Last week, Liam debuted a rap verse from a demo of “Columbia,” which will be included on the upcoming 30th anniversary edition of “Definitely Maybe.”

The tour, which only touches cities in the United Kingdom and Ireland, will end in Manchester with a double date on June 27th and 28th.