The Cocteau Twins Reissue “The Moon and the Melodies”

The Cocteau Twins Reissue “The Moon and the Melodies”

THE Cocteau Twins have announced a new vinyl reissue of “The Moon and the Melodies”, their 1986 collaboration with American composer Harold BuddThe album, available August 23 via 4AD, has been remastered from the original tapes by the band’s Robin Guthrie.

These are the songs contained in the album

“Sea, Swallow Me”
“Memory Gongs”
“Why Do You Love Me?”

“Eyes are Mosaics”
“She Will Destroy You”
“The Ghost Has No Home”
“Bloody and Blunt”
“Ooze Out and Away, Onehow”

In the album, in addition to the Cocteau Twins (Elizabeth Fraser – voice, Robin Guthrie – guitar and Simon Raymonde – low) appear Harold Budd on piano and, in three tracks, the saxophonist Richard Thomas of the Americans Def Juz.

The Cocteau Twins have also launched a new channel YouTubewhich collects for the first time high-resolution tape transfers of all their official music videos. The archive includes clips from songs such as “Pearly Dewdrops’ Drops“, “Heaven or Las Vegas“, “Evangeline” and more, and is updated using the original masters from the vaults of 4AD and Universal Music. Coinciding with the news, the band has also launched a new official merch store.

Earlier this year, the Cocteau Twins reissued their last two albums, “Four-Calendar Café” of 1994 and “Milk & Kisses” from 1996. The reissues followed similar ones of their previous albums, including “Treasure” (1984)“Heads Over Heels” (1983)Garlands (1982) and Victorialand (1986).