Kurt Cobain, 1994-2024: today the Rockol special

The bridge sung by Kurt Cobain is at risk of destruction

April 5th marked the 30th anniversary of his death Kurt Cobain. The world of music did not fail to spare a thought for the tormented frontman of Nirvana who tragically took his own life at the tender age of 27 (we dedicated a special to him, Click here).

Linked to the figure of Kurt Cobain now comes news that the bridge mentioned in the song of Nirvana “Something In The Way” (in the song the bridge is mentioned in the opening verse, “Underneath the bridge/Tarp has sprung a leak”) – last song on the tracklist of the American band's epochal second album “Nevermind” (read the review here) – runs the risk of being destroyed. The bridge is located in the hometown of Kurt CobainAberdeen (Washington State), LO Young Street Bridgethis is its name, is a sort of sanctuary for the group's fans and is covered in drawings, writings and messages dedicated to Kurt and his Nirvana.

The bridge, which was built in 1956, is suffering from the effects of aging and deteriorating condition. However, the city has secured federal funding of 23 million dollars to intervene and complete the work needed to keep it in place and “honor the figure of Kurt Cobain”. However, the original structure could still be destroyed.

Among those who remembered Kurt his daughter could not be missing
Frances Bean
that has
published a touching message
on his Instagram account.

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Also the bassist of Nirvana Krist Novoselic paid tribute to his former bandmate, stating that i Nirvana they remain “as strong as ever, if not stronger” thanks to Kurt Cobain. “It's Kurt: he had this charisma, this intensity that was, and still is, interesting to people. He also had a talent for melody. Something that came from deep inside.”