The best bassists of all time

The best bassists of all time

The editorial team of the American online magazine Consequence presents his article in which he lists the best one hundred bass players of the story with a quote from Paul McCartney: “None of us wanted to be the bass player. In our heads he was the fat guy playing in the background.” In reality this is not the case. Consequence he explains that to draw up his ranking he consulted around thirty bass players asking for their opinion. The list ranges between very different musical genres: from jazz to metal, from r'n'b to punk. In parallel, the American newspaper also drew up a ranking of the best bass lines (read here).

10 – John Entwistle

9 – Charlie Mingus

8 – Steve Harris

7 – Bootsy Collins

6 – Geddy Lee

5 – Flea

4 – Carol Kaye

3 – Jaco Pastorius

2 – Paul McCartney

1 – James Jamerson