Talking Heads: rejected 80 million dollars for the reunion

Talking Heads: rejected 80 million dollars for the reunion

Last September after more than twenty years the four members of Talking Heads – David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz And Jerry Harrison – stood side by side at the Toronto International Film Festival for a question and answer session to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their concert film directed by Jonathan Demme ‘Stop Making Sense’. This was enough to make someone hypothesize the possibility that the band was ready for a reunion.

According to Billboard, Live Nation made a proposal “telling Talking Heads that it was willing to offer the band $80 million to headline a six-to-eight festival slot.”

The offer came on the heels of a similar attempt by Goldenvoice president Paul Tollett to reunite the band for Coachella. Billboard also claims that the band could have earned “up to $10 million” to attend the festival over two consecutive weekends next April.

THE Talking Heads they rejected both Live Nation and Coachella’s offers and disappointed those fans who would have liked to see the four together on stage again. The last time the group played together was in 2002 when the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. For a real concert by Byrne and his companions you have to go back to 1984.

Last September in Toronto David Byrne regarding his relationship with the other members of the group he declared: “We have a cordial relationship now. We are more or less in contact, but we don’t go out together.” He also said he was sorry for how he left the group without even discussing it with the other members: “I don’t think I did it in the best way, but I think it was inevitable that it would have happened anyway.”