Pink Floyd: another new edition of "The dark side of the moon"

Synchronize “The dark side of the moon” with the solar eclipse

Today, April 8, when it will be around 8.18pm in Italy, those who will be between Central and North America will be able to witness the maximum phase of the total solar eclipse, which will occur when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the solar disk.

The phenomenon will not be practically visible in Europe and Italy, but it will be possible to follow it in livestreaming online on Nasa TV starting from 7pm Italian time, from different cities along the path of totality.

To give this long-awaited astronomical event a musical touch, you can listen to the iconic album “The dark side of the moon”, originally released by Pink Floyd in 1973.

If you synchronize the disc at the right time, it will be possible to witness the eclipse by listening to “Eclipse”: “And everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon”. To be in time, you will need to start the album 41 minutes and 53 seconds before the start of the event in your location. If you don't want to listen to the whole of “The dark side of the moon”, you can simply listen to the last track of the album, “Eclipse”, 70 seconds before the phenomenon.