Stewart Copeland's rock opera with Irene Grandi in Milan and Asti

Stewart Copeland’s rock opera with Irene Grandi in Milan and Asti

Almost two years after the debut in Italy at the Tones Teatro Natura in Oira di Crevoladossola, “The Witches Seed” returns to the stage for three new events, the horror-tinged rock opera composed by Stewart Copeland, with some songs written by Chrissie Hynde and Irene Great on stage in the leading role.

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The show by the musician and co-founder of the Police, produced by the Tones on the Stones Foundation which commissioned the work for the inauguration of Tones Teatro Natura in July 2022, will be staged on May 25th at the Teatro Alfieri in Asti and then on May 31st and June 1st at the Arcimboldi Theater in Milan. Tickets for the Asti date will be available in advance on March 1st, while those for the Milan show can already be purchased.

“Unfortunately, the themes covered in the work remain more relevant than ever. Violence against women who do not agree to submit to male will and power is a daily shame. We artists hope for a truly inclusive society with respect to all ‘diversities’ and backgrounds, but the road still appears long. This is why we are engaged in this production with so much energy and enthusiasm, presenting a work which, although set centuries ago, is more contemporary and provocative than ever”, stated Maddalena Calderoni, artistic director of Tones Teatro Natura, and soprano on stage in the work and first creator of the project “The Witches Seed”.

The show, with a libretto by the British/Irish playwright Jonathan Moore, video sets by Edvige Faini, costumes by Sartoria Klemann and lights by Emiliano Pascucci, will see Troy Miller on the podium to conduct the Italian Philharmonic Orchestra.