Steve Albini: a pure punk who couldn't stand assholes

Steve Albini will be remembered in an online documentary

Monday 20 May, the platform Mix With The Masters will make a 3-hour recording session available via streaming Steve Albini and the English rock band Rat the Magnificent.

The video, as specified by Mix With The Masters, was filmed at La Fabrique Studios, in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, in 2017 and will feature also the entire recording process, including Steve Albini's philosophy of music and creativity.

In addition to watching the documentary, Internet users will be able to ask their questions to the studio team Electric Audiowhere the American producer and musician worked and made that recording studio his working temple, but also a place of life and creation.

Mix With The Masters is a platform specialized in learning recording techniques, aimed at engineers, producers and artists. MWTM, which offers video tutorials, advice and e-learning sessions, has collaborated for a long time with Steve Albini and has organized seven one-week training courses with him, during which he shared his vision and experience.

The platform also announces the release of a second documentary, aimed at the “drum recording process” according to Steve Albini, which will be freely accessible on the site until the end of May.