Noel Gallagher appreciates Abba's avatars

Noel Gallagher appreciates Abba's avatars

Noel Gallagher he said he would be “excited” by the idea of ​​a hologram show of the Oasis after seeing the “Voyage” concert by Abba.

Noel confessed his enthusiasm for the idea while speaking on Matt Morgan's podcast. The eldest of the Gallagher brothers (57) said he was so impressed by the show featuring digital holograms of Abba accompanied by a 10-piece live band playing on vocals originally recorded in the 1970s and 1980s, that he would take considering the idea of ​​a concert of this kind also for his former band.

He said: “I went to see that Abba show. It's damn incredible. It was fantastic: a truly impressive hour and a half concert. At one point I honestly thought that the people on stage, who were holograms, were… they looked so real that I thought they were actors, as if they were acting. The way they walk and move on stage is very realistic. If you ever get the chance, go and see it,” he advised his interviewer, “it's worth it.”

Gallagher continued: “To be honest, I was very impressed that yes, if anyone wants to do one like that with Oasis, give us a shout. I certainly wouldn't get angry about this, on the contrary I would say: 'fantastic', I would evaluate it and then I would say yes or no.”

Matt Morgan asked the former Oasis man how he thought fans would take it. “Well you haven't been able to see the band live for a while. This would be your chance to do it whenever you want!”