Sophie: her posthumous album is coming

Sophie: her posthumous album is coming

The Scottish producer, Sophie (Sophie Xeon), at the time of his premature death following an accident (Read here), was finishing his second album, which will now be released posthumously by his label, Transgressive, on September 27.

More than three years ago, in January 2021, Sophie died at the age of 34 following an accident in Athens.

“True to her spirituality, she climbed up to look at the full moon and accidentally slipped and fell,” her label said in a statement, adding that “she would always be with us.” A presence that now materializes with this new album.

The single “Reason Why” an unreleased song by the British artist made with BC Kingdom And Kim Petras. The song, which had already been performed by Sophie on a few occasions, dates back to 2019 but had never been published and is now available online.

The producer’s previous, and only, album is “Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides”, released in June 2018 and for which he received a nomination for “Best Dance/Electronic Album at the 2019 Grammy Awards”.

Sophie is defined as a pioneer of hyperpop, cutting-edge musician, talented producer and revolutionary artist. Before your passing you stated that “the mainstream can be experimental and wild, and the underground can be pop and optimistic”.